Have You Ever Seen A UFO In/Around Burien? Some Folks Say They Have…

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Posted: January 15, 2008

Date: January 7, 2006

Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 20 plus.

Shape of objects: Solid round white lights but could not make out shape.

Full Description of event/sighting:

On the date stated above I looked up in the sky at dusk to see the stars, but noticed what I thought was a satellite, but then 4 other white lighted objects followed behind it in different formations, these 5 objects came from the East flying towards the West with no other blinking lights like aircraft normally do. Then towards each other side maybe many miles apart some closer than others 6-7 more same lights in 3 different other positions but all flying towards the West, I got my neighbor outside and the binoculars, but could not make out any kind of shape, in all over the sky maybe more than 20, but some flying in formation. Grey Alien

He saw it to, have his name, but will leave that out for now. I am a military Veteran, been around all military aircraft in the Navy and have never witnessed anything like what we saw that evening, Called Channel 4 news they said they had no calls. My friend in Kent Wa, says in the South end journal they say a satellite hit a comet, no way these lights were or half of them were flying in perfect formation for over 10 minutes until the clouds came in and took our view out of sight.

So…have you seen a UFO in or around Burien?

If so…we’d love to hear from you!

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One Response to “Have You Ever Seen A UFO In/Around Burien? Some Folks Say They Have…”
  1. Bryan Charles says:

    Yes, once there was a ufo I have seen coming from normandy park city hall in the direction of burien

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