Strange B-Town Help Wanted Ad O’The Day: Sandy’ll Cook If You’ll Cut

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You Cut, I CookFound in the Craigslist “Barter” section with the location of “Burien”:

I really do need the help. Do not delete my ad.


I am a good cook. Let me cook for you and send you home with leftovers for the freezer. Then you can have home cooked meals every day.

I just spent two days hauling wood and found that it was just too hard on me. Now all the boards need to be cut up with a skill saw (I have the saw). And I ask myself there has got to be some guy who will do this for me.

So for wood cutting and odd jobs around the house I am willing to trade my cooking skills. How does spaghetti, pork roast, pot roast, stew, ham hocks and beans, steak and potatoes sound to you?

I also make beautiful jewelry which you can receive instead of food in case you need that one of a kind gift for someone special.

This is a real ad and I mean exactly what I say.

No funny business.Hungry Man

Right now I need about 2 hours work cutting up boards and I have 5 containers fresh made beef stew to trade. I will help you cut the wood so it will go faster I just need your strong arm to run the saw!!!

So if you are interested please email me back.

Or call me @ 206 529 4845

Thank you Sandy

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