B-Town Ad O’The Day: Who Is the Mysterious But HOT B-Town Dentist?

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From seattle-tacoma craigslist > south king > rants & raves:

[EDITOR’S NOTE: If anyone has any idea who this mysterious “HOT” Burien dentist, is, please email us]

Sexy B-Town DentistLike the person before me said, WHY is it wrong to have a crush, or a fantasy about someone? Hell, he’s touching your body isn’t he?

It’s a normal reaction to someone you find attractive. As long as you can keep it “under wraps” so to speak enjoy! Go home afterward and delve into the fantasy, and release. Hell I would…and I HAVE!

My dentist, here in Burien, is f*ing HOT!! He’s really funny, and very attractive. Fuller moderate build, GQ but natural, down to earth. Dark blonde hair….Purrrrrrrrr!!!! And his A*S!!?? I got to see him once at the end of the day, when he took his lab coat off. YUMMMMM!!

His co workers (females) laugh because he’s so niave to his attraction to his paitents. Women come in dressed to the 9’s!

Now, I’m just me….not a ‘glamour gal’, but I’m telling you I have never come home from a freaking root canal so horny!! He has this scope that helped him see the small details, and as he worked, his arms would brush aganst my chest!! Good lord!!! ]

Hmm, suddenly my tooth aches….or is it my tooth!??

>Wicked Grin

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3 Responses to “B-Town Ad O’The Day: Who Is the Mysterious But HOT B-Town Dentist?”
  1. jana says:

    Yeah, email me too. I need to know.

  2. karik61 says:

    Funny, as soon as I read (very belatedly, from the “you might like” link on 7/14/08) I knew EXACTLY which dentist this was referring too! Ha!!

    He was my dentist while I had insurance, and dear God I’ve never enjoyed a root canal before! I remember his assistants joking about the same thing—women coming in dressed up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    He was trying to hold my tongue back (from the side) during a procedure, and said, “You have a very strong tongue!” I couldn’t help it, my mind went *there* and I began laughing. His assistant caught it right away, and then he realized what he said and blushed!! Sooooo funny!!

    Sexy bumm to be sure! Much more than a ‘pretty face’, a great dentist too! All I’ll say is he’s located right off 154th, near Highline Lanes.

    Ohh laaaaaa laaaaaaa! I think I need a cleaning!

  3. karik61 says:

    PS: I have never felt more embarrassed! Re-reading the CL post again, I suddenly remembered **I** am the woman who wrote that. My experience with him. I wish I’d known of b-town blog back then and had seen this! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The thread was started when someone was downing another woman for having feelings for her doctor of a physical nature, hense my reply.


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