Should School Security Guards Be Allowed to Carry Handcuffs, Pepper Spray and Tasers?

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Handcuffed KidOLYMPIA – A new bill on curtailing the use of handcuffs, pepper spray and Tasers in schools is being considered at an education committee meeting today in Olympia.

Currently the Highline School District, as well as Tacoma and Kent, provides handcuffs to security officers in its schools.

The sponsor, Sen. Claudia Kauffman of Kent, says she’s concerned about the psychological effect of the security measures on students. A similar bill is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow in a state House committee.

Kauffman’s bill was prompted by the actions of security guards in the Kent School District. It has been sued by parents and students over handcuff use on campus.

If the legislation is approved, noncommissioned school security officers would be prohibited from using cuffs and pepper spray in most circumstances.

What do you think – should security guards be allowed to carry these devices in public schools? Please answer our poll to the right or enter a comment below…


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One Response to “Should School Security Guards Be Allowed to Carry Handcuffs, Pepper Spray and Tasers?”
  1. Warren says:

    I think this is going to be a problem having tasers, pepper spray ect. in schools. This is the dumbesting our wonderful government can do. First to all those kids that have heart problems such as murmurs, a taser will kill them. Pepper spray can cause so many issues with a childs respitory system. Think of the children with asthma this will kill them. I’ve been pepper sprayed before and i wasn’t even in direct contact. Even if you don’t have asthma it makes you feel like you can’t catch your breath almost like your drowning. Yeah let’s give kids more things to have to worry about. I think they are starting to treat schools as if they have hardened criminals that have no conscience. Come on these are children, don’t get me wrong there are bada** kids every where but i’m sure a police official can take down a little kid any day with all of there training. I think they are using excessive force now. Its funny they always want to blame the parents about the kids i’m sorry blame all those idiots that told us we can’t spank our children or knock sense in to them. I’m from the old school where people got there a** kicked by there parents when they stepped out of line. Let’s go back to when we were able to actually discipline our children and get child services called on us for being a parent. Wise up people a taser used on a child, pepper spray used on a child seriously people wise up and think with your head and actually care about kids again because apparently no one seems to really care and that’s why teachers failing rates for there students are so high. Teachers do your jobs parents start spanking and knocking sense into your kids and the world will be a better place and there will be less bada** kids in this world. Gangs would dissappear i tell you that!

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