Strange B-Town Ad O’The Day: “TWO Bong’s For Sale!”

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Found on seattle-tacoma craigslist > seattle > collectibles:

What we love about this Craigslist ad:

  • Photo is sideways (perfect for stoners)
  • Repeated use of “tha” instead of “the” (someone called tha cops dude!)
  • The claim that “stoner’s prayen over them” (funny visual, doncha think?)
  • Open publication of his name and Idaho-based phone # (think cops will call “Benson”?)

Bongs For SaleTWO Bong’s for sale the blue one is $30 tha larger one is $40 out tha door!

Come and get em I have stoner’s prayen over them.

First come first serve!

Call Benson 208-337-2290

am right up by tha Airport*

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