Bored? Consider Joining the Southend Gamers

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Southend Gamers In ActionAre you bored with the same ol’-same ‘ol of working, coming home, eating a TV dinner on a TV tray while watching TV, then lather, rinse, repeat?

Well it’s time to get UNbored and get your game on – join the Southend Gamers, a group of 129 members (more if you join obviously) – a 60/40 mix of men and women, ages ranging from a high of 77 to a low of 18 with an average of 32.

From their craigslist ad:

We play games by group consensus so there are no guarantees of any specific game being played, including my own, of which I have over 150 games to choose from. I try to alternate styles of games to break the routine tho that is not always the case.

We do NOT play the complex Avalon Hill hex n counter wargames nor do we play card games (as in poker or Hearts). Members can arrive anytime after 11a.m. and may stay till midnight should they choose too. You are never obligated to attend any session and there are no fees or costs involved. Just come when you can at least a few times a year.

We hold sessions every week on Saturdays and meet at my home with sessions occasionally hosted by other members at their homes. As you might suspect, not everyone makes it to a session. Our average group size is about six to eight but recent sessions have been as high as sixteen and I’ve had to set a limit at this size otherwise it becomes a convention.

As a member, everyone gets two e-mail notices during the week prior to the session and you have until NOON on Friday to confirm if you are coming so that I can plan for snacks and we often order pizza so please come prepared to pay your fair share. You should bring your own drink(s) and if you have a favorite game, feel free to bring it to introduce to the group.

As a member, you are encouraged to write others of the group as a means to make and meet new friends, contacts, gamers and to promote the group. This is NOT a requirement.

The group newsletter that I produce contains one or two photos of each session that has new members and a brief synopsis of the events and players attending to help members get to know one another better.

We are participating members of the Millionminute organization and are currently in 11th place Nationwide.

This last year, Southend Gamers introduced summer dayhikes and potluck barbecues that include both indoor and outdoor games that have been very popular. Outdoor games include games such as bocce ball, croquet, lawn darts (original!), badminton, bean bag baseball, snake ball and a professional ring toss game.

On Fridays, I will notify the group if the session is a no-go.

If you are allergic to cats, be warned – I have two. My home is no smoking ‘cept outside.

If you’d like to stop in for a visit to see what’s up first, feel free to do so, game night or not. Just call and arrange a meeting.

[email protected]
(206) 433-6203 – days

Website here

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