Strange Ad O’The Day: Message To Car Thief About Child Seats

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Child SeatFound on seattle-tacoma craigslist > seattle > rants & raves:

When you stole my wifes 94 dodge 4 door with an empty gas tank and the locking gas cap this morning you thought you were stylin, you could have left the grandchildrens car seats, the car is a piece of sh*t but she cant haul the grandkids around without car seats and i am sure that you had 2 small children with you at 2 am so you needed the seats worse than she does, if i were stealing cars i would be sure to steal 1 with a custom plate licence # HEDAKE so if anybody sees a white 4 door 1994 dodge spirit dent drivers rear door cheap mags plate HEDAKE please email me would like the car seats back

email: [email protected]

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