Strange Ad O’The Day: “Don’t Post How Stupid She Is” & Angry Message To Burien Thief

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Thief Running AwayFound on seattle-tacoma craigslist > tacoma > rants & raves:

My wife was visiting her dad up in burien at the hospital. She stupidly left her keys in the truck along with a $2000 camara and her cell phone. Please dont post how stupid she is, she doesnt read this and i already KNOW how stupid she was.

Anyway she calls me up and says somebody broke into the truck and stole her keys, camara ect And a bill with our address on it.

Now i was not always the dogooder i am today so i know how these aholes think. I closed up the blinds and went about my business.

About an hour later i was sitting in the office and i see someone come up to the door. Nothing unusuall about that but i wait and see anyway. Sure enough, after i dont answer he pops the key into the door and opens it. I give him a couple of seconds to get in then i spring from my chair and grab him and put my ball point pen up to his neck and tell him dont f*@king move or i am gonna stab you. (this is where i made my mistake. I should have just f*@king stabbed him and been done with it. I urge anybody in the same situation to not threaten but just to do it.

Anyway he wriggled out of my grasp (i only had ahold of his coat) and got away. I am too fat to chase his skinny ass down.

At least i got a cheap costco coat for my trouble. No ID inside just a couple of starbucks giftcards and a key chain with one key. The keychain is a little tiny level.

If you know someone with a black costco coat and a keychain made out of a tiny level let me know. I would like to return them to him 🙂

Email: [email protected]

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