Ad O’The Day:Bad Speller’s Missed Connection At QFC

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Found on seattle-tacoma craigslist > seattle > missed connections:

You can tell Spring is in the air now, as more “Missed Connections” are being posted everyday.

Here’s a local B-Town one we found (cue soap opera music):

Will they ever meet again?

And more importantly, will the M meet a Dictionary soon?  (“waived”? “convertable”?? “isles”???)

PotatoeI waived at you from my little convertable roadster as we left QFC – m4w (Normandy Park / Burien)

I was in for some late night shopping at QFC in Normandy Park, and we both ended up at the register together. I saw you had a sizeable load in your basket, so I moved mine forward so you could set yours down. I had seen you down a few other isles in the store and had been enjoying your white hair with the black accents. I was going to strike up a conversation now that we were standing together, but you were suddenly wisked away to another register.

I thought I would have another chance as our transactions were being wrapped at about the same time, but you had forgotten something and went back into the store. As I got into my little roadster, I saw you drive off in your little yellow beetle with the dog in the back. I exited the parking lot and as I turned off 1st ave south, there you were, truning left coming the other way onto 1st. What a beautiful smile you shared with me. I’d love the chance to see it again.

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