UPDATE: Drug Bust HQ Restaurant Is NOT In Burien

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Recently we reported about a major drug bust that resulted in:

  • Several arrests
  • Seizure of about 40 pounds of cocaine
  • A pound of heroin
  • Guns
  • Methamphetamine
  • About $240,000 in cash

Which was headquartered at the “El Flamingo” restaurant, which was reported as being “in Burien” according to authorities and the subsequent sheep-like press coverage (oops…including us…).

Well folks, guess what – this restaurant is NOT in Burien!

It’s actually outside the Burien city limits, in the Boulevard Park neighborhood, technically located in unincorporated King County at 1841 South 120th Street (across from Wayne’s World Tavern and near the Boulevard Park Library). We found the ding-dang place Sunday (that’s right – we were driving Mom around to various crime scenes) and took this photo:

El Flamingo Restaurant, NOT In Burien

Burien city limits are thus:

Burien City Limits

Here’s where the El Flamingo Restaurant is actually located:

View Larger Map

As you can see, this den of drugs, guns, cash and shady characters is not, was not, and never was “in Burien.”


So, what can we, as proud Burienites, do to quell this common misperception about our lovely city?

Here are some suggestions, courtesy the B-Town Blog (city councilmembers, feel free to propose these as your own at the next meeting):

1. Post numerous, very large “You Are Now Leaving Burien” signs near sketchy neighborhoods:

2. Within said sketchy, still un-annexed neighborhoods, post these signs everywhere:

3. Like cops do at murder scenes, do a giant chalk outline around the actual Burien city limits:

4. Install ginormous, powerful Invisible Fences (the kind that shock dogs if they stray) and require all police and media members to wear collars 24/7, so that whenever they enter or leave Burien’s city limits they get zapped. Rest assured, nobody will ever forget where Burien starts or ends:

So…have any of your own ideas?

Post ’em in Comments below, and check back often, as we’ll surely be adding to this list…

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