Another Sample Taste Of A Strawberry Fest Band

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Only four more days until this weekend’s Burien Strawberry Festival (where we’ll have a booth so be sure to drop by and say hi), and here’s another sneak peek music sample of a featured band.

Today’s track is “Slowdown (The 12th St. Blues)” by the Staxx Brothers, who play the Main Stage at 2:45pm Sunday June 29th, and are described as:

A Blind Black Rapper, a ½ Puerto Rican Jagger, and Gypsy-walk out of a bar with one of the seminal Rock & Roll Records of the past decade. Backed by Seattle Jazz & Rock heavyweights Joe Doria, Dave Carter, Andy Coe and RL Heyer, The Staxx Brothers have created a living document that uncovers Seattle’s lost identity as an urban crossroad for classic R & B, Hip Hop and Hard ASS Soul.


Full Strawberry Festival schedule is here.

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