Video Of Local Cops-To-Be Being Pepper Sprayed

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Ever been pepper sprayed?

I haven’t, but from what I hear, it stings and burns like a son-ova-uknowwhat.

If you’re a cop, or a cop-in-training, like we have at our local Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission facility (located at 19010 1st Avenue South), it is apparently a requirement that you get pepper sprayed during training.

I guess this way you know exactly how those bad guys feel when they’re on the receiving end of it.

I found two videos of apparent WSCJTC trainees getting pepper (aka “O.C.” which stands for the main ingredient, Oleoresin Capsicum) sprayed.

The most interesting part of these videos is that, right after getting zoinked directly in the eyes (and being told to “open your eyes!”), each victim then blindly (and obviously in a great deal of discomfort) staggers over and starts punching and kicking a punching bag, all while being cheered (or jeered) on by classmates.

Man, there are some wild things going on around B-Town:

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