Nature’s Fireworks Won’t Stop Farmers Market

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Mother Nature has been putting on quite an excellent (albeit a bit premature) fireworks show for a few days now, and now the showers are moving through.

But will we hearty B-Towners let that stop us from enjoying today’s Farmers Market, or tomorrow’s 4th festivites?

Heck. No.

We’ve got a booth at the Market, and invite everyone to come visit us. Just be sure to stand right at the edge of our tent too – we have a great practical joke where we push the tent up and soak you with all-natural, organic, free-range, shade-grown, fair trade rainwater…you’ll love it!

Here’s what the patented B-Town Blog Weather Rock® says about tomorrow’s weather:

  • “Mostly crummy weather with a slight chance of sun.
  • Cloudy with a chance of showers.
  • Highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s.
  • South winds 5 to 15 mph.
  • Marine push will come in tonight, bringing in overcast skies, which will linger through most of tomorrow.
  • The 4th will start cloudy with areas of light showers, then partial clearing late in the day – maybe enough sunbreaks in the evening to make the wait for the fireworks pleasant, but still a risk of a few light showers or sprinkles roaming around.
  • Highs will only reach around 70, with temps at fireworks time around 62 or so.

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