We’re Bloggin’ Live From The Farmers Market

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Okay, so the patented B-Town Blog Weather Rock® appears to be either very very sad, or just plain frozen, but we will not let that stop today’s Farmers Market, which will be open until 6pm.

Sure, we’re a bit chilly sitting outside, blogging live at our booth, but that’s nuthin’ – my Dad used to just dive right into Puget Sound and swim fer cryin’ out loud, so I’m not gonna complain.


Some of the great things available today:

  • Jamba Juice is giving out free smoothie samples with boosts
  • Live music will be playing until around 3pm
  • Beautiful potted rose plants have taken over the center aisle
  • The woman next to our booth is making jewelry using her own hands. Live. Right now!
  • Tons of fresh local produce from various Washington farms
  • Local restaurants and bars (The Mark, 909 Coffee & Wine, The Tin Room) are all open for lunch and Happy Hour!
  • Lots more – come on down and shop for yourself, and don’t forget to drop by our booth and say howdy

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