Catalytic Convertor Cut Off Truck At Burien Park & Ride

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We found this interesting piece of news on the Three Tree Point Yahoo Group – on July 9th, a rather bold thief (thieves?) crawled under a truck belonging to resident (and BTB Photog) Ethan Janson and cut out the catalytic convertor:

Today, someone took a hack saw to the undercarriage of my Toyota Tacoma at the Burien Transit Center.

My truck is LOUD as hell now because I am now missing a large chunk of pipe leading to my muffler, and probably the catalytic converter… and I thought riding the bus was a cheaper option, geez.

From what I can tell, the converters have precious metals which can be scrapped for $$$.

– Ethan Janson

Photo by Ethan Janson shows where theives cut out the catalytic convertor.

The next day (July 10th), Ethan wrote this followup:

Apparently, stolen catalytic converters are reaching epidemic proportions.

I just heard a good tip…etch your contact info into the converter so that the thieves have a harder time scrapping it.

I recommend avoiding the Park and Ride if you have a high clearance vehicle with easy access to the undercarriage.

Now, just six to eight more months of riding the bus so I can break even. 🙁

Anyone else out there in B-Town have similar experiences?

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