Mary Kay Letourneau Turned Down As “Poll Worker”

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Mary Kay Letourneau's mugshotBURIEN – Infamous former Burien grade school teacher and convicted child rapist Mary Kay Letourneau is back in the news – this time not for having an affair with an underage boy, but for wanting to be a King County Election “Poll Worker.”

We’ll pause a moment while you insert your own inappropriate pun here.

A spokesperson for King County Elections says that the now-Mary Fualaau applied in April for possible training.

She was scheduled to begin training later this month, but after reviewing the list of candidates, someone recognized her rather unique name.

Letourneau/Fualaau has been disqualified as a poll worker for being a known felon.

Some lovely Letourneau facts to chew on:

  • Letourneau first met Vili Fualaau (born 6/26/83) when he was a student in her second grade class at Shorewood Elementary School.
  • He was then eight years old; she was 29.
  • She became his teacher again when he was in the sixth grade, and their sexual relationship began during the summer of 1996, when Vili was 13 and she was 34.
  • Her husband became aware of the situation when he read their letters to each other in February of 1997 and revealed it to family members.
  • His cousin then reported the relationship to local Child Protection Services.
  • On February 26, 1997, Letourneau was arrested for statutory rape (aka “child rape”).
  • Four months later, she gave birth to Fualaau’s daughter, Audrey Lokelani Fualaau.
  • On August 7, 1997, she pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree statutory rape. She was sentenced to 89 months in prison by Judge Linda Lau.
  • The prison term was suspended, and Letourneau was sentenced to serve six months in county jail and enroll in a three-year sex offender treatment program.
  • She was released from jail early for good behavior, on the condition that she not see Fualaau. However, on February 3, 1998, police discovered Letourneau in a car with Fualaau and arrested her for violating the conditions of her suspended sentence.
  • She had also failed to comply with her sex offender treatment program.
  • In the car, police found $6,500 in cash, baby clothes, and a passport, indicating that Letourneau had been planning to leave the country.
  • The original sentence of 7-1/2 years was reimposed.
  • In March 1998, prison officials discovered that Letourneau was pregnant with another child by Fualaau. Their second daughter, Georgia Fualaau, was born in Tacoma on October 16, 1998. Hours after the birth, Mary Kay Letourneau was returned to prison.
  • In November, 1999, Letourneau was placed in solitary confinement for six months for smuggling letters to Fualaau.
  • In January, 2001, Letourneau’s father died. She asked to attend his funeral, but the request was denied.
  • In May, 1999, while she was in prison, Letourneau and her first husband, Steve Letourneau, were divorced. Steve was given custody of their four children. He remarried and moved the family to Alaska.
  • In 2000, Fualaau’s family sued the Highline School District and the city of Des Moines for emotional suffering, lost wages, and the costs of rearing his two children, claiming the school had failed to protect him from Letourneau. The jury ruled against them and no damages were awarded.

Here’s a video recap from CNN:


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