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Kitesurfers Hanging Out At Three Tree Point

Courtesy Janet Grella [1], Sales & Promotion Diva for this here B-Town Blog, comes these photos snapped today down at Three Tree Point, where two kitesurfers took advantage of a gorgeous yet blustery sunny day:

According to Wikipedia [2]:

Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, involves using a power kite [3] to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard [4] or a kiteboard (which is like a wakeboard [5]). Generally kiteboarding refers to a style of riding known as free-style or wakestyle where as kitesurfing is more waveriding oriented. These two styles usually require different boards and specific performance kites.

A kitesurfer or kiteboarder uses a board with or without foot-straps or bindings, combined with the power of a large controllable kite to propel themself and the board across the water. The sport is still in its infancy, but is rapidly growing in popularity. In 2006, the number of kitesurfers has been estimated at around 150,000 to 210,000, with 114,465 inflatable kites sold that same year.

The sport is becoming safer due to innovations in kite design, safety release systems, and instruction. Many riding styles have evolved to suit different types of riders and conditions, such as wake style, wave riding, freestyle, jumping, and cruising.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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