B-Town Pet Owners – Be Aware Of Raccoons!

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Found on seattle-tacoma craigslist > south king > pets:

R A C C O O N S kill your beloved animals–watch out!!! (Burien)

Our cat escaped late Thursday night as we closed the sliding glass door.

She was only outside for 10 minutes.

We heard her screaming and ran outside to find FOUR RACCOONS mauling her in our driveway.

We rushed her to the vet but because she had such severe injuries we were forced to put her to sleep. The vet recommended it and the making that decision sucked!

The vet said that there have been a huge increase in raccoons killing cats AS WELL AS DOGS AND OTHER DOMESTIC ANIMALS.

  • PLEASE KEEP YOUR ANIMAL INSIDE AFTER DARK. And if they escape, chase after them.

We emailed the Poster and got this response:

When we heard the fight & found our cat, we took her to the ER @ Five Corner Veterinary in Burien (at midnight last Thursday!).

EVERYONE there discussed with us how they had seen a huge increase RECENTLY in the number of attacks on domestic animals (cats+dogs+others) this year. 

They also discussed how viscious & violent raccoons are.  (even though they really do look cute & cuddly!)

So keep this in mind B-Town pet owners and friends of animals – raccoons may be cute and anthropomorphic in their “hand washing,” but they are also dangerous (and can be rabid), and we say this as a pet owner whose Jack Russell Terrier got in a fight with one last summer, and she still has battle scars to show from it.

On a lighter note – and we don’t mean to make fun of this issue but we couldn’t not post this video – be sure to lock up your floormats as well, or else you may suffer a fate similar to this:


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5 Responses to “B-Town Pet Owners – Be Aware Of Raccoons!”
  1. lovegoddess7683 says:

    This story is extremely sad and I’m so sorry for the people that had to euthinise thier pet……. However as a animal lover i don’t believe that it’s fair for people to make any animal out to be violent and mulicious creatures….. people need to understand that if we as humans continue to cut down trees and take away from thier habitats then yes thier going to come out to look for food its not a matter of keeping your dog from going out at night if they got to go they got to go theres no making them hold it until the next morning thats just completely inhumaine and wrong as a human at night you should walk outside with your animal. As for this story if your dog was on the drive way then you should of had them on a leash and been with them as for it being 4 raccoons well they were looking for food but at the same time i dont believe they run in packs a mother raccoon will bring her young with her when its time for them to learn how to be wild and fend for themselves so since your dog was attacked it was probally more then likely a mother raccoon protecting her young and the dog possed as a threat. People need to educate themselves on wild life and teach there children the truth about them, us as humans need to stop cutting down trees so that we can build what really is 100,000 dollar homes and selling them for 500,000 dollars we need to make it to where there really is no reason for any wild animal to come away from there habitat.

  2. Courtney says:

    This article is relatable. My cat Chloe, has been missing for about 48 hours now.. She’s not the type to go far but I’m starting to lose hope that she will come back.. Our complex in burien is surrounded by woods and I’m thinking that it’s possible the raccoons live in the woods and mayve harmed my “baby”. I’m so distraught. She is a long haired, orange, cat. Kinda fluffy and very sweet.. I wish shed just come back. If anyoe sees this and has a seen an orange fluffy cat, her name is Chloe. I would be willing to reward a monetary prize. 206-465-4248

  3. Maxine says:

    The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has a comprehensive list of brochures on “Living with Wildlife” http://wdfw.wa.gov/wlm/living/

    Here’s the one on raccoons.

  4. eric says:

    I own 2 cats and a dog. I try to not let them out when I am not there and never at night unless I am right there. So I feel sorry for anyone loosing a pet because it got out unexpectedly.

    Having said that, you cannot blame the raccoons. They are wild animals and have a place in our environment. This land was theirs long before it was ours. We should do what we can to keep our pets safe, but not at the expense of the local wildlife. (We certainly should not leave food waste and pet food out to attract wild animals, but if we do our part we can live in harmony.)

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