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Annexation Update: Councilmember Shaw Calls It "BS"


Gordon Shaw, Burien City CouncilmemberJust got off the phone with Gordon Shaw [1], Burien native and City Councilmember, who offered up this exclusive, yet rather fiery quote about the North Highline/White Center annexation withdrawal [2] political game currently being played out between Burien and Seattle:

“The efforts Burien has made so far have been stymied by Seattle and King County to a certain degree because of preference for Seattle to annex North Highline.

But clearly Seattle is not ready to do it.

To oppose Burien’s annexation efforts on the substance of annexation is one thing, but to oppose it on procedure that we all know is going to change in 30 days is bullshit!” 

For more fiery talk, including what’s sure to be a lively interactive question and answer session, you can come to tonight’s Annexation Open House [3] at 6:30pm at Boulevard Park Presbyterian Church (see map below).

It appears that the political war of words is just starting folks, so stay tuned.

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