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Live Webcam Feed Of Performance:Memoirs

UPDATE 11pm: Okay, so the webcam feeds aren’t working for everyone, so as a consolation we’re posting some original video we shot of the artists in action at Karuna Yoga [1] doing their Performance:Memoirs art:

Here’s a feed – click the image to see a larger version, and refresh the page to see the latest view. (NOTE: as we mentioned above, we haven’t yet perfected these feeds, so if you can get an image, great…if not, sorry…we promise to figure it out eventually!)

Or better yet, get your B-Town B-Hind up there and interact with ’em!

Here is a link for viewing one of the live webcams that you can actually control (may not be working now but try anyway):


[NOTE: If you are asked for a Username/Password for the pic above, enter “admin” and leave the password blank]


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