Memo To Seattle Magazine: I Am Not Bill Nye's Brother

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The September issue of Seattle Magazine has a very positive two-page “Urban Safari” review of Burien, with mentions of local businesses like The Tin Room, Australian Pie Co., Elliott Bay Brewery and others.

One interesting element of said article is this purple “Insider Tip” box on the second page (p. 48):

Memo to the Reporter and Editors of Seattle Magazine:

While I did spend three seasons as Senior Writer on “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and won three Emmy Awards…


The fact of the matter is: I AM HIS SISTER.

But seriously…as flattering as it is to be included in The Science Guy’sâ„¢ gene pool, here are some simple tips on how to differentiate between us:

  1. The last names “Nye” and “Schaefer” are vastly different in spelling, letter and syllabic count.
  2. We have different Mothers.
  3. We have different Fathers.
  4. I have three sisters, Mr. Nye does not.
  5. I don’t wear bow ties, lab coats or safety goggles.

So, to everyone who read this story and believes everything they read, so sorry to disappoint y’all.

To Mr. Nye…can you spare $10,000 for your little sis? I still need to have some more “work” done in Denmark…

And to everyone else who finds this mistaken sibling blurb humorous and wants to share their thoughts, you can write a Letter to the Editor of Seattle Magazine here.

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2 Responses to “Memo To Seattle Magazine: I Am Not Bill Nye's Brother”
  1. Evilbunny says:

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!! You broke into the business by riding on your big brother’s lab coat tails!!
    And if it’s any consolation….I think you’re funnier than he is…and you wear cooler shoes…

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