8 Things To Do In Burien On “Talk Like A Pirate Day”

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Avast ye mateys…Friday, Sept. 19th be National International “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” and here be a (pieces of) 8 list o’what ye should be doin’ ta’ celebrate it in the general B-Town ‘hood:

  1. First, get yer booty up ta’ Party City an’ get yerself a pirate costume (just don’t ferget ye ol’ plastic parrot for ye shoulder)
  2. Strut ’round Olde Burien in full pirate regalia, sayin’ things a pirate would to th’ local merchants (pirate lexicon & tips available here)
  3. Go buy some new food fer yer hungry plastic shoulder parrot at Wild Birds Unlimited next ta’ Trader Joe’s
  4. Rush into Trader Joe’s in full costume and ridicule the whole “where’s the monkey hiding” kid’s game really loudly in pirate speak (yet makin’ sure ta’ videotape it an’ sendin’ us yer YouTube link fer postin’!)
  5. Go cheer on ye ol’ local high school football team, the Highline Pirates (“Arrgh Team!”) as they take on Mt. Rainier at 7pm at Highline Stadium
  6. Go see one o’ the final performances of the Hi-Liners’ Peter Pan (showtime be 7:30pm; buy yer tix here ya scurvy dog!)
  7. Drive slowly around SW 152nd near Lake Burien in hopes of findin’ ye Seafair Pirates’ “Moby Duck” amphibious mascot vehicle that be known ta’ hang ’round these here parts; if ye find it, be sure’n take pix of yeself wit’ it ta’ send us
  8. Watch this video to learn how ye too can be talkin’ like a pirate in no time:

From BTB Advertiser Philip Kelley comes this joke:

Arrrgh! I loves Pirates. So in honor of Talk like a Prate Day, I thought I’d share one o’my favorite Pirate jokes with you worthless landlubbers:

Two Pirates are talking over their tankards of dark rum, one sez to the other “Ayyy, those are mighty nice earrings you’ve got there Pegleg Pete.”

“Oh, thanks. I bought these off’a one-eyed Spaniard in New Orleans; paid two dollars for ’em.”

“Arrrgh, that’s a pretty good deal for a buccaneer.”

Avast, that’s funny.


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