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8 Things To Do In Burien On “Talk Like A Pirate Day”

Avast ye mateys…Friday, Sept. 19th be National International “Talk Like A Pirate Day [1],” and here be a (pieces of) 8 list o’what ye should be doin’ ta’ celebrate it in the general B-Town ‘hood:

  1. First, get yer booty up ta’ Party City [2] an’ get yerself a pirate costume (just don’t ferget ye ol’ plastic parrot for ye shoulder)
  2. Strut ’round Olde Burien [3] in full pirate regalia, sayin’ things a pirate would to th’ local merchants (pirate lexicon & tips available here [4])
  3. Go buy some new food fer yer hungry plastic shoulder parrot at Wild Birds Unlimited [5] next ta’ Trader Joe’s [6]
  4. Rush into Trader Joe’s [6] in full costume and ridicule the whole “where’s the monkey hiding” kid’s game really loudly in pirate speak [4] (yet makin’ sure ta’ videotape it an’ sendin’ us yer YouTube link fer postin’!)
  5. Go cheer on ye ol’ local high school football team, the Highline Pirates [7] (“Arrgh Team!”) as they take on Mt. Rainier at 7pm at Highline Stadium [8]
  6. Go see one o’ the final performances of the Hi-Liners’ Peter Pan [9] (showtime be 7:30pm; buy yer tix here [10] ya scurvy dog!)
  7. Drive slowly around SW 152nd near Lake Burien in hopes of findin’ ye Seafair Pirates’ “Moby Duck [11]” amphibious mascot vehicle that be known ta’ hang ’round these here parts; if ye find it, be sure’n take pix of yeself wit’ it ta’ send us
  8. Watch this video to learn how ye too can be talkin’ like a pirate in no time:

From BTB Advertiser Philip Kelley [12] comes this joke:

Arrrgh! I loves Pirates. So in honor of Talk like a Prate Day, I thought I’d share one o’my favorite Pirate jokes with you worthless landlubbers:

Two Pirates are talking over their tankards of dark rum, one sez to the other “Ayyy, those are mighty nice earrings you’ve got there Pegleg Pete.”

“Oh, thanks. I bought these off’a one-eyed Spaniard in New Orleans; paid two dollars for ’em.”

“Arrrgh, that’s a pretty good deal for a buccaneer.”

Avast, that’s funny.


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