Update On Production Of “War Of The Grandmas” Film

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Lots of action on the local filmmaker front, and we just heard from Director/Proucer Frank Oliver, who we first reported as seeking funds and locations for his film “War of the Grandmas” on Aug. 24th.

Good news – he’s secured funding for his film and is now auditioning!

Here’s an update from Frank:

I have secured funding for my film project and will be auditioning for cast from now until the end of September.

I will begin principal photography on the weekend of October 10 to 12. Additional scenes will be shot the following weekend of October 17 to 19.

I am encouraging all actors (union/non-union) to audition by visiting the website, reviewing the script excerpt, and sending me a headshot and resume to info@warofthegrandmas.com.

If I or Mary Huckstep see a good fit, we will schedule an initial audition by phone. Actors should be prepared to read from this script excerpt. We are looking for actors with some comedy experience.

I still need help locating some classic cars for the film. There will be no highway or racing. Most times the cars will be parked or driven down a residential street approaching a driveway.

I am looking for a:

  • Classic Ford Mustang convertible or any other 50s-60s convertible
  • Classic VW Beetle, preferably with a hippie flower power look
  • Hummer or any Luxury 4×4 truck
  • Mercedes SUV or any other high-end, luxury SUV
  • Beat-up cargo van (eg, plumber/pipe fitter van)
  • Ford escort (earlier model) or late 80s Chevrolet Cavalier

For more information, visit the War of the Grandmas website here.

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