WTF? Dangerous Spikes In Burien’s Re-Paved Roads?

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Several BTB Readers have emailed/called us about this, and we’ve noticed them ourselves firsthand – what appear to be dangerously sharp, potentially tire-piercing spikes sticking up out of the newly re-paved roads in the First Ave corridor between SW 148th and 160th Streets:

We’ve actually swerved many times to avoid these sharp-looking spikes, then we began to wonder:

Why the heck would anyone purposely place dangerous
metal spikes in newly re-paved asphalt?

So we did what any B-Town Blogger would do – we found one, parked our Blogmobile, got out and risked our lives taking the above photo in the middle of traffic (this one was found west of First Ave South on SW 148th heading east, between Ivar’s and that shop that sells sexy stuff).

We also tempted losing our ability to speak again (let alone the fear of having to get a tetanus shot) by stepping down on the deadly-looking thingy with our Chuck Taylors:


They’re actually NOT metal spikes lurking like hungry six-gilled shark predators below the newly-laid asphalt oceans of B-Town – they’re just weird rubber thingies!

Here’s a quote from Valerie Stuart, of the City of Burien Public Works Dept. about said rubber thingies:

The “spikes” that are still visible on 1st Avenue South and some of its intersecting streets are depth markers.

They are, as you noted Scott, just rubber thingies.

They will be gone within the next two to three weeks after the utilities have all raised their lids to the right height and paving is completed around them.

So, fear not dear Readers (and associated worried tires) – these “spikes” will NOT damage your tires, or even your precious Chuck Taylors!


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