From The Big Picture: A Teen Speaks Out About The Economy

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Josh Hart, 15, attends Big Picture High School.

Josh Hart, 15, can't yet vote but has a pretty strong opinion. He attends Big Picture High School.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Recently we were invited by the Highline School District to visit students and discuss the B-Town Blog at an innovative high school called “Big Picture High School” in SeaTac.

We’re happy to say that our outreach program to showcase diverse area Writers begins with today’s blog featuring a new column we call “From The Big Picture.”

Today’s Guest Columnist is 15-year old Josh Hart, a student who has been writing for five years. Josh plays soccer for Highline Premier Football Club, and is currently working on an adventure novel.

Here are his thoughts on the economy:

The economy right now is on the downhill, if you haven’t noticed.

As we come up to the presidential election I can’t help but thinking that this election will affect everything.

I see more people interested in this election than past ones. They see how the economy is and want a change.

But if more people had cared about the past couple of elections, the economy wouldn’t be where it is now.

If people voted for something other than the President, things would be different.

America is a country run by the people. The President can’t do anything without the approval of the House, Senate, and the people of America.

I am sick and tired of people complaining about ‘this is wrong with America’ and ‘that is wrong with America.’

Well do something about it!

If we cared about our country and did something for it years ago America wouldn’t be in the state it is right now.

So what are you going to do about it?

You need to start by voting for your local bills, and bills that affect your community, start with this presidential election.

This country needs a change and it needs to happen now!

Lets turn this country around!

Big Picture High School is a unique concept in education, whose mission, according to its founding institution’s website is “to catalyze vital changes in American education by generating and sustaining innovative, personalized schools that work in tandem with the real world of their greater community.”

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