The City Of Burien Has A Brand Spankin’ New Website!

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Hey everyone – the City of Burien’s new website is live online!

To put it all into context, let’s first take a look at a screenshot of the old website:

And now, the new one:

Our initial reactions are:


  • Does this mean Burien has a (gulp) new logo? Could new “Welcome to Burien” signs be far behind?
  • It’s much easier to navigate.
  • Much higher production values.
  • The photo slideshow is tres’ groovy.
  • Burien finally looks beautiful and cool, and not like some lame 70s clipart enclave.
  • If I didn’t already live here, this would make me more inclined to consider moving (hmmm…maybe that should be in the “Bad” category?)


  • Where’s the prominent link to the B-Town Blog on the front page??? We’re not even on their “Quicklinks” page. Grrr…
  • The previous city website link/URL ( No. Longer. Works. (hey website team you need to do a re-direct – stat!)
  • The “Home” navigation button is not intuitively placed (like most ‘net users, we’re used to finding it in the upper left of the upper nav menu).
  • There are still other links-within-pages that cause some confusion.
  • The streaming video of the council meetings still requires just Windows Media. Well, at least it’s not RealMedia…
  • The Calendar of Events page shows no events going on. Hey, we know Burien’s a sleepy town but there has to be something going on, right?
  • The fancypants cursive graphic navigation choices are hard to read.

So…what are your thoughts?

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