INTERN’S VIEW: What Will Change Under President Obama?

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by Josh Hart

Now that America has elected a new president the question gets posed:

What will change under President Barack Obama?

Will the fact that he is an African-American man affect anything?

From what I have heard around my school it seems like many think he will be assassinated. I don’t think this will necessarily happen. There is a chance, just as there is with every other president, but a very low one. The US government is not going to let that happen.

I think that having an African-American president will not affect the government as much as it will affect the people. I think that African-American males will now be more respected and also I believe that they will have more respect for each other.

As for the government, Barack Obama is just like any other president – he is trying to help America. No matter what you think, every president is trying to improve the country, but they all have different tactics and approaches. Personally, I am a supporter of Barack Obama, but the thing we have to keep in mind is he won’t be able to change things in one day. For the first two to four years George W. Bush’s policies will still be around. I think that once policies get changed Barack Obama will be up for election again. (Maybe against Sarah Palin, as rumor has it). This means that if America doesn’t see enough change he will probably not get re-elected.

In the coming years I will be looking forward to the change that happens. I think some of the things that will happen is a refocusing of troops in the Middle-East. Barack Obama is trying to focus more on Afghanistan than on Iraq. I think also that the economy will start to improve; stocks will go up, gas prices will go down, and small businesses will be flourishing. People will be happy, but I don’t know how long this will take. It can’t happen overnight.

Keep an eye on politics in the next couple years and see what happens with our country.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Josh Hart is the B-Town Blog’s first Intern! He’s also a 15-year old student at Highline’s “Big Picture High School” in SeaTac. He recently wrote on the economy, about JFK beating Highline 61-0 in football, an opinion piece on the VP debate, a story on Mt. Rainier High’s Drill Team playing at the Seahawks’ Halftime, a story on a Fight at the Tyee vs Rention Football Game and much more…]

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