Latest Updates On Burien-Area Garbage/Recycling Pickup

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Just got some info from Jenn Ramirez-Robson of the City of Burien, who forwards us this update from Waste Management on Burien-area garbage and recycling pickup (missed again today but scheduled for another try next week, when you can put out TRIPLE the amount of garbage and recycling as usual):

Monday, December 22 – Due to inclement weather, Waste Management has cancelled collection services for their customers in King, Snohomish, Kitsap and Skagit Counties.

Please note that our call center will not be open until it’s safe for our employees to return to the office.

For the most up to date status of your service we urge you to go to our website:

Residential customers: Twice the regular amount of garbage, recycling and/or yard waste will be accepted at no additional charge on the next regularly scheduled collection day for each container. If your next regularly scheduled collection falls on a holiday, Waste Management will collect the following day. For example, due to Christmas, this week’s Thursday customers will be serviced on Friday and Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday.

Residential customers in the City of Seattle: If inclement weather causes missed collections for one day, missed customers will be picked up the following day and all other residential collection will be pushed back one day. If two consecutive collection days are cancelled due to inclement weather, customers may set out a double load on their next scheduled collection day.

Commercial customers. Priority service is given to locations such as hospitals and restaurants where public health is a high priority. All other commercial customers will be serviced as soon as conditions allow for safe collection.

Waste Management is committed to providing reliable collection for all customers. However, in the event that circumstances such as unsafe roads interfere with service schedules, we appreciate customer understanding and cooperation as we manage collection on emergency scheduling.

Waste Management customers are strongly encourages to visit our website for up-to-the-minute collection updates

If garbage is missed twice, residents may put out three times as much on the third scheduled collection day.  We certainly will do all we can to keep that eventuality to a minimum!

We are also using outdial phone calls to help keep residents as well informed as possible.

Reminders about how to package extras:

If recycling or yard waste is regularly collected every other week, the missed material will be collected on the next scheduled day for that container (two weeks from the missed collection), unless residents are otherwise notified by telephone or on this site.

Extra garbage: Place next to garbage container in:

  • Securely tied plastic bags labeled “Garbage” or
  • 32-gal can with handle and lid (65 lb limit) labeled “Garbage”

Extra recycling: Place next to recycling cart in:

  • Plastic recycling bins or
  • Cardboard boxes (2x2x2 ft. limit) labeled “Recycling”
  • No recycling in plastic bags

Extra yard trimmings (No food scraps or plastic): Place next to yard cart in:

  • Heavy paper yard bags (available at hardware stores) or
  • Reusable polywoven yard bags (available at hardware stores) or
  • 32-gal cans with handles & lids (65 lb limit) labeled “Yard” or
  • Bundles tied with sisal twine (4’x2′ limit)

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