UPDATE: Armored Truck Robbed, Suspect On The Loose

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6pm 12/30/08 UPDATE: The Seattle Times reports that “an armored-car guard was slightly injured this afternoon when a thief grabbed a bag of money out of his hands and fled” as the result of an armored truck robbery late Tuesday afternoon.

Watch the video report from KOMO News.

PREVIOUSLY: According to KING-TV, an armored truck was robbed in Burien late Tuesday afternoon when a suspect stole a bag of cash from a truck guard at a 7-11 convenience store near First Ave South and South 136th.

Apparently, while there are no reported injuries (not necessarily true, see above) the suspect is still on the loose; according to one Reader’s email, there are helicopters currently hovering over the area as of 5:15pm, possibly searching for him.

If you’re in that area and hear of or see anything, please email us.

Full story here.

The 7-11 in question is located at 13456 First Ave South:

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