Kids Of All Ages Invited To Race Slot Cars Jan. 25th

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Have you ever raced slot cars before?

It’s a blast for kids of all ages, especially during the “gift playing” time of year – we recall with fond memories racing slot cars either in the basement rec room or every Wednesday night at Speedway & Hobby in the West Seattle junction.

Man, that was fun.

Well, the fun is coming back folks – starting at 1:30pm on Sunday, Jan. 25th, there will be a free, open, multi-generational HO-scale slot car session at Normandy Park United Congregational Church.

WHAT: Multi-generational slot car racing session

WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 25th, from 1:30pm to 4pm+

WHERE: Normandy Park United Congregational Church, located at 19247 1st Ave South in Normandy Park (see map below); phone: (206) 824-1770


CONTACT: Bob at [email protected] or 206-890-6479

Here’s the original posting we found on Craigslist:

Do you have any HO (1/64 scale)cars that have not been used lately? On January 25th, Sunday afternoon, come on out and use them on our tracks. As a multi generational gathering at Normandy Park Congregational UCC, we’ll be having slot car day. The plan is to introduce slot car racing to some of the youth, and all ages are invited.

We plan to have the tracks ready to run by 1pm Sunday, and will be actively racing from 1:30-4 or whenever the final winner is announced. We plan to have multiple tracks set up so all ages can play/compete within their skill levels. We’ll have a four lane set up for elimination competition. Time trials will be used to allow for lane selection.

If you’ve already got a track set up, I’d love to hear about that too! perhaps you have some pointers for us on our activity. If we get good turn out, we’ll probably turn it into a monthly event.

We emailed Bob and got more info:

As an overgrown kid, I like to inspire “play time” in others like myself.  We work long hard hours, so a little R&R is deserved.

I mentioned to our Christian Ed leader, who has been coordinating several youth events, that I’d like to host a youth event with the slot cars.  As we talked more about it, we decided it should be a multi-generational thing, as there are a lot of us “older” kids in our congregation.  In discussing it further, we decided that we should invite the general population, as the slot car thing is rather a small sect of the population and being multi-generational the real message is interfacing with all ages.

So, I’ll set up three or four race tracks in our fellowship hall on Sunday the 25th.  My plan is to give a 20 minute presentation on the history of the slot cars in general, a bit about the care of the cars and tracks, and a bit about race car competitions in general.  (There are some very serious slot car racers out there, and they take it just as serious as Indy 500 etc.).  After the introduction, we’ll commence in race track fun.  Depending on the number of people, we’ll handle the “who goes first” with drawings or count off in the group or whatever.

After an hour and half of general race/play fun time, I’ll start time trials for those who want to compete.  This will be on a four lane track.  Again, done by random drawing or whatever.  Then we’ll start the elimination races.  Depending on how many people there are, we’ll determine the number of elimination races.  For example, 16 people will be 4 elimination races and a final race for a grand prize winner.  There will be prizes, and we’ll have different prizes such that whatever age the ultimate winner is, we’ll have an appropriate prize.  Nothing significant, but something fun.

There is a lot of effort on my part to set up,and tear down the tracks, but I think it’ll be a great time for all.  And, who knows, maybe we’ll make this a regular event, make some new friends, and at the very least have a “hobby shop” afternoon with all ages.  The youngest should not be under 7, and the oldest (that I know of) will be 85. Me, I’m 47.

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One Response to “Kids Of All Ages Invited To Race Slot Cars Jan. 25th”
  1. Lon Rycraft says:

    Sweet! I'll be there!

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