Comments Requested On “Linde Hill Park” Naming By 3/21

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Last April, we posted this video about this then-unnamed Burien City Park:

On Jan. 14th, the Burien Parks and Recreation Advisory Board selected “Linde Hill Park” as the name for this one-acre park property located in the 600 block of SW 141st Street:

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Unfortunately, our name nominees didn’t fare so well – none of the following got picked:

  • H2Ohcrapthewatersuptomynecknow Park
  • Plaza Del Swampo
  • Pond de Inundacion
  • Ambaumbiddilyardo Pond
  • The B-Town Blog Urinario
  • Gee Your Park Smells Terrific

In 2006, the Burien Public Works Department decided to take a different approach to the construction of stormwater detention ponds and, with input from the city’s Parks Department, designed it in such as way as to make it more publicly accessible. The site was designed with a modest walking path and benches, and also performs its function as a stormwater control facility.

UPDATE: Michael Lafreniere, Director of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services for Burien, sent us this historic info on what the name “Linde” means to this neighborhood:

It’s taken from the plat…”Linde and Hill Park #4″ is the name of the area when it was platted. It still appears on surveys, plat maps and residents’ tax assessments in the area. The name “Linde Hill Park” was put forward by neighborhood residents, Henry & Connie Willman, for the connection with that area history.

It is my understanding that prior to incorporation, several of the areas out here had “park” names. Not as we think of “parks” in the parks and rec business, but place or area names. Boulevard Park, Linde and Hill Park, Lake Forest Park, etc. There was even an area called Seahurst Park which long existed before there was ever a park per se, even a newspaper called the Seahurst Park Optimist.

As to the Plat, as far as the developer is concerned (BTW there were a few other plats in the surrounding area with same name, i.e. the first one, #2, #3 and our #4) we learned from the Recorders office that the name that pops up is the South Seattle Land Company. If you look close on the attached, the Dedication on the Plat maps is signed by O.R. Linde, President and H Maurine Linde, Secretary of the South Seattle Land Co. The company was founded in 1890, so they were at the helm in 1948. So that’s where the Linde comes from. The “and Hill” part suggests another person’s name as the source, but we have no information as to who that may be. One of the other developers would be my guess. I’m told that the South Seattle Land Company did a good deal of development in the Burien area, but it’s no longer around.

Interestingly, a Google search turned up the following:

…and there under #1, you see O. R. Linde and, ta dah, his first wife Maurine!

Here’s a scan of the plat in question (click on graphic to see larger version):

Under the City’s park-naming policy, public comments are welcomed for the sixty-day public notice period, which will end March 21, 2009.

Send suggestions to:

Burien Parks and Recreation
425 SW 144th Street
Burien, WA 98166
Attn.: Park Name Comments

Or by e-mail to [email protected].

After the 60-day public notice period, the Parks Department, with the approval of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, will submit the recommended name to the City Council, which will make the final decision on the park name.

So…perhaps there’s a chance one of our name suggestions will make a comeback? Hmmm…

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3 Responses to “Comments Requested On “Linde Hill Park” Naming By 3/21”
  1. Well, I think Linde Hill Park is a fabulous name because that's my grandma's brother. His second wife is still alive and lives in Woodinville.
    Michelle Siefkes – Seatac

  2. Heidi Shuler - Kent says:

    I have to agree with Michelle, as he was my grandma's brother, as well. I wish I could find more information about his other land activities in the greater Burien area for historical, family purposes.

  3. Curtis Safsten says:

    Although I no longer live in the Seattle area (I moved from Tukwila in 1961) and, according to some of the suggested names, the park may not always smell too sweet, I think "Linde Hill Park" is a very appropriate name. O.R. Linde was my uncle and I knew him quite well. My brother and I were good friends with his sons Larry and Richard. Their family came to Birch Bay, near where he was raised and near where we lived on a farm, and visited with them many summers. My mother, O.R.'s sister, had great admiration for who he was, what he accomplished, and for his generosity.

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