PHOTO: Is The Burien Pizza Hut Guilty Of Profiling?

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Found the receipt above recently and just had to scan and post it – does this mean that the Burien Pizza Hut is doing customer profiling of some kind?


Is this stereotyping?

Or some kind of Homeland Security code?

But more importantly, what does the phrase “THNAKYOU PAID” mean?

Have you ever been profiled like this while ordering a half cheese/half pepperoni pizza before?

UPDATE NOON 2/4/09: Calm down folks – this was just a joke! Did you *really* think we were serious? Regardless, now we’re thinking of SUING! Ha.

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8 Responses to “PHOTO: Is The Burien Pizza Hut Guilty Of Profiling?”
  1. Guy with computer says:

    Profiled? Sheesh, aren't we over-sensitive these days. You were not profiled, you were described.

    Lets get those two definitions straight. Described means they used factual words (assuming you are a female with two minors) to distinguish you from other customers.

    Profiled would mean they assumed something about you using the description. For example if they had written "Single mom with kids from two fathers" , that would be profiling. They had to make an assumption based on the things they saw.

    Oh, and paid, that means you already paid for it, they don't need to collect funds from you when they give you your pizza.

    Having said all this they should have asked your name instead of saying "Lady with two kids". It's rude, but it's not profiling.

  2. btownblog says:

    Lifted directly from a Craigslist response:

    I can't believe anyone would see this as profiling. How stupid have we become? I use to work for a pizza place, a few actually including the Edgewood/Milton pizza hut. As you can see it's a carryout order. They just didn't get the persons name so they put a note saying who it was for so they know who to wave at or hand the pizza to. It is no different than saying "two guys with hats" or "dude sitting in the red truck out front".

    You say this is "just nuts". Have you been paying attention to the economy and where this country is going? Something like this pales in comparrison to REAL problems that should be getting more attention. Read about how the Federal reserve works, and tell me a pizza hut receipt is "just nuts".

  3. Mary says:

    Pizza Profiling per Pizza Place perturbs people paying .

  4. Tammy says:

    I find it more offensive that it appears as though the phone number for "lady with two kids" is shown here on your blog… that seems a bit messed up in it's own way. Perhaps you could have distorted that info a bit prior to posting it or made it clear that the number shown wasn't hers but rather that of the Pizza Hut. Don't you have anything better to discuss besides this kind of gossiping crap? Burien must suck if this is the best you can do!

  5. btownblog says:

    Tammy – The phone number listed on the receipt above is NOT for the "LADY WITH TWO KIDS" – it's for Pizza Hut! We would never post a private phone # on here. You should call the # and make sure to ask them to hold the anchovies…

  6. Tom Jones says:

    It just said ‘lady with 2 kids”, not “Colored lady with 2 mixed kids, one of whom will grow up a science geek and the other one looks like a homo”, so no, there was no profiling.

  7. Megan says:

    We did the same thing at my pizza place. “Older couple” “beer guys” “football group” This isn’t profiling. Its describing so your food and bill can be taken care of with little confusion. Profiling…..geeze….

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