Burien Speeders Beware: Red Light Cameras Start Mar. 1st

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The City of Burien is joining the ranks of municipalities everywhere – they’re installing “Red Light” cameras at three busy intersections along First Avenue South in an attempt to discourage red light running as well as possibly sweeten the city’s coffers.

The cameras will start clicking March 1st, and here’s how the system will work:

  1. Red light running vehicle trips the camera, which takes both a photo and video.
  2. After a 30-day warning period, the registered owner of a vehicle that runs a red light will receive a notice of infraction in the mail, which carries a $101 penalty.
  3. The cameras will be placed at intersections along 1st Avenue S with the greatest traffic flow.
  4. Photo enforcement warning signs, alerting drivers to the red light cameras, are being installed at the intersections.

Those intersections are:

  • 1st Avenue South at SW 148th Street
  • 1st Avenue South at SW 152nd Street
  • 1st Avenue South at SW 160th Street

The cameras will operate 24 hours a day and capture still photos and video of every vehicle that runs a red light at the intersection. Photos are not taken until the law is broken, and the cameras only capture pictures of the rear of the offending vehicle and license plate.

Police officers review each photo to determine whether there was an infraction. If a violation occurs a notice of infraction will be sent to the vehicle’s owner. Recipients of a red light citation can view their violation video online at https://www.photonotice.com. The site requires the citation number, license plate number and the city code that is printed on the citation.

Our research indicates that this website (photonotice.com) is affiliated with a Phoenix, AZ traffic camera manufacturer called Redflex Traffic Systems. According to their 2008 Annual Report, the number of Redflex cameras operating within the US rose by 44% in 2008 from 877 to 1,267. Burien is one of ten Washington cities that has a contract with Redflex.

According to a City of Burien press release:

The primary goal of the traffic safety cameras is to reduce red light violations. The Photo Enforcement Program has been very successful in communities throughout Washington and the rest of the United States in changing the driving behavior of motorists. It has been shown that the cameras make drivers slow down and stop for red lights, preventing collisions. The cameras also contribute to the safety of pedestrians.

So consider yourself warned, B-Town Speed Racers!

Here are a few videos about red light cameras, including one on ways to possibly beat the cameras (we’re seriously considering selling the “red light camera beating” products in Burien):


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One Response to “Burien Speeders Beware: Red Light Cameras Start Mar. 1st”
  1. Andrew Zela says:

    Those sprays don't work. MythBusters proved it. But you could get a GPS device that warns you when you are near them like this one http://www.gpsangel.com

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