Burien Man Charged In Schuck’s Auto Erratic Ax Attack

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According to The Seattle Times, Alexander F. Hughes, 27, of Burien, was charged for Monday’s erratic ax attack at Schuck’s Auto Supply in Burien, with a bail proposed at $250,000.

Hughes, who apparently has a history of drug addiction, was charged with one count of second-degree assault and one count of first-degree attempted robbery in King County Superior Court. He is currently being held at the Norm Maleng Justice Center in Kent.

Documents detail Hughes erratic ax attack thusly:

  • He went to the store at 5pm and tried to take a generator from a display.
  • Upon realizing that the generator was chained down, he exited, then got an ax from his van and returned to the store.
  • He swung the ax at a customer (Leonard Lucas), grazing the man’s stomach.
  • Leonard Lucas of Burien, the customer, then pushed two people outside to safety who were entering the store.
  • Hughes apparently followed them, asking, “You want something?”
  • A worker came out, walked up behind Hughes and grabbed the ax out of his hands.
  • Lucas then grabbed Hughes and pushed him into the back of an SUV, breaking the glass.
  • Lucas pushed Hughes to the ground and punched him until he stopped fighting.
  • Cops arrived minutes later, and our eyewitness counted seven patrol cars converging on the scene.
  • Both Hughes and Lucas were taken to Highline Medical Center. Neither was seriously injured.

Also, according to the article:

  • Hughes’ brother claims that the family had spent that day getting a protection order against him because he told his parents that “someone would die.”
  • Also, according to his brother, Hughes had a history of drug addiction and recently sobered up. However, two weeks ago, he started acting “weirder and weirder,” and began taking cough medicine.
  • Hughes also told his brother he was going to Washington, DC, because a man there was filled with “great evil,” according to the brother’s statement to police. He didn’t name the man.

Read the full story here.

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2 Responses to “Burien Man Charged In Schuck’s Auto Erratic Ax Attack”
  1. jerrie morse says:

    I think he is a hero. He cared about people he didnt even know & put his own life at risk to help other. I sure do wish there were more people like him in this hostile & drug infested world we live in.

  2. A friend says:

    It is a sad day for Burien.
    Thank you Leonard Lucas for stopping him. Thank you Leonard Lucas for having self control after you stopped him to wait for police.

    May God heal your suffering Alex. I'm sorry man. This sucks.

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