VIDEO: Celebrate “The New Depression Blues” In Song

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A group of longtime area residents has teamed up to re-record and release a very timely music video for a song called The New Depression Blues, which we present for your amusement below:

Here’s a note from Co-Writer, Musician and video Director Beau Robinson:

Originally written by Carl Larson and Pat Robinson in 1971, The New Depression Blues was rewritten in 1982 following the recession that gripped the country then, when the unemployment rate crested at 9% and the famous billboard went up asking the ‘last person to leave seattle’ to turn out the lights.

Now that the economy is faltering again, “Country Carl,” who grew up in the Standring Lane area of Burien, and Pat and Beau, who lived in White Center, decided to resurrect The New Depression Blues and shoot a video to accompany it.

Shot in High Definition video in the actual Maple Valley trailer park that “Country Carl” lives in today, the trio figured it was an appropriate set to exemplify the state of mind of the people of this nation.

The song includes a plea to President Obama, along with a promise to vote for him again if he does well.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Here are the lyrics if you feel like singin’ along:

My jeans are wearin thin
My pockets wearin through
I aint had a paycheck
Since they’ve closed the factory too

I got the new..I got the New Depression Blues
And things aint been this bad here since 1932

The unemployment office,
they pay my salary
but when my checks stopped coming
You know I just can’t live for free
I got the new..I got the New Depression Blues
and things aint been this bad here.since 1932


Now they bailed out the big banks
And motor city too
They foreclosed on my house
and my trailer rent is overdue
I don’t know how they figure
That a man’s supposed to live
When they’ve taken just bout everything
He could ever give
I got the new.I got the new depression blues
and things aint been this bad heresince 1932

So lets ask President Obama
have some mercy on us too
get this country back in shape
we’ll vote you back in Oh One Two

I got the new..I got the new depression blues
And things aint been this bad here since 1932.

Copyright © 2009 Robinson, Larson, Robinson

More info at the “Nickel Records” website.

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Celebrate “The New Depression Blues” In Song”
  1. Country Carl says:

    Hi out there, I'm Country Carl in the video and I thought I would tie on in to the B town
    Blog. I just got back from Nickelsville in Skyway and tents are near capacity. If you
    can help with food contact the Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church 206-772-0880. You can
    reach me [email protected] or more info at CountryCarl.Net. Bless your heart!

  2. PRESS RELEASE July 7 2009….Country Carl has been recruited by to add video content to their newly launched web site. The web site is an advocate community for additional emergency extended unemployment benefits. The E-action Buzz Saw Site is expected to add a large numbers of participants as claimants exhaust their unemployment benefit claims. see……to take action
    The Joint Economic Committee and the Key Power Brokers of Congress will be the focus for targeted activists seeking additional benefit packages. Make your voices heard before YOUR HOMELESS and your computer CONNECTION has gone dead.
    Avoid a Future Tent City Bed through Diplomacy.

  3. Will You HOBO UP?
    I recently saw the CBS 60 minutes show about the 99ers and now it is “Tier 5 or Hobo Up for us 99ers”. We
    live in a world with Unemployment Gone MAD and the New Depression Blues, and the CBS 60 minutes show on
    Oct 24 2010 should be eye opener for everyone with or without a job! We need a NEW Tier 5 Extended
    Unemployment Benefits Bill now or there will be a Hobo Up generation for future 99ers and others in the
    street. During 1934 a million and half Hobos rode the rails according to the U S Bureau of Transient Affairs
    and in 2011 we will need a new Government HOBO Program for 5 millions 99ers out of benefits so we can learn
    to ride the freight rails safely when migrating for work . Congress can call the low buck training film
    class (1 day) and related laws the HOBO UP ACT and have old hobos showing the ropes to us newly minted hobos
    which should find support from the GOP. Hopefully the S3706 Bill by Senator Debbie Stabenow which seeks to
    add an additional 20 weeks might find a miracle and pass after the election. Also currently IRS has only a
    $2400 U/B tax free deduction. WE in addition need the JOBLESS STUB RETRO U/B TAX FREE ACT, a proposal bill
    that makes all U/B 100% tax free. Thanks again from Country Carl and hopefully you too won’t have to HOBO UP.

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