FOUND: Male Pitbull At Lake Burien School Park

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The photos above are of a male pitbull dog that was found Friday afternoon (April 3rd) by BTB Reader/Contributor Jim Branson, who sent us the following email:

On Friday afternoon, about 4:30 PM, as my dogs and I walked by Lake Burien School Park, we saw a young pit bull chasing soccer balls around the park.

He had already punctured one soccer ball, and the coach and players didn’t know what to do about this playful stray. When the coach tried to grab him by the collar, it slipped right off.

Because this pit bull was not neutered, he became interested in my female dogs, even though they are spayed. All the dogs began to play together, and I took the leash from one of my dogs and looped it around the neck of the pit bull. He accepted this, and he even knew the Sit command, sometimes. He wasn’t hungry and appeared healthy and happy. I called someone to come get my dogs, and I walked the pit bull to the vet on Ambaum (Burien Veterinary Hospital, located at 14628 Ambaum Blvd SW).

They scanned for a chip, but didn’t find any. They will hold him until animal control comes to pick him up on Saturday or Monday.

Their number is 206-242-1290, and mine is 206-265-2804. Please call me if this is your dog, or if you know whose dog he is. Thanks.

If this is your dog, or you know who it belongs to, please call the numbers listed above ASAP!

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3 Responses to “FOUND: Male Pitbull At Lake Burien School Park”
  1. Kari says:

    When I was walking the path at that park last Fall I saw the same dog I'm pretty sure. He must live in the area. If so the owners really need to keep it corraled better. Might scare some, being a Pit. I'd hate to think that someone would freak and hurt it next time.

    • Jim Branson says:

      Kari, thank you for the information. I just called the vet, and King County Animal Control has picked up the dog. I calld them, at 296-PETS, and got their recording, of course. Their web site says a dog without a license only has 72 hours. 72 hours until what, they don't say, but I would imagine that euthenasia becomes an option after that time.

      I thought this dog had more time. If you can think of any other information that might help me find the owners, it would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Jim Branson says:

    I went down to the shelter to see what was going on with our little friend, and they said he has been redeemed by his owners. I'm glad he's back home.

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