Co-Owner Says Remodeled Cafe Mia Will Re-Open "Soon"

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by Scott Schaefer

UPDATE: Cafe Mia, which closed without warning last Thursday (we first reported on it Saturday 4/25), is planning on remodeling and re-opening as a “family bar and grill” sometime in early to mid-summer, according to co-owner Todd McKittrick.

We spoke with Mr. McKittrick Monday morning (4/27), and he told us that the cafe, as it was, simply wasn’t making enough money. Despite a strong lunchtime crowd, business wasn’t consistent enough, so they decided to close it down.

McKittrick says that a new restaurant will soon open in the same location after a remodel that changes the current cafe to include:

  • More comfortable atmosphere with table service
  • Lower ceilings to make it quieter
  • Replacing the round tables with more traditional square ones
  • Enlarge the outdoor seating area
  • Re-design it as a “family bar and grill”

A few Commenters mentioned that they thought the location in the new Normandy Park Towne Center was a problem, one calling it a “dead zone” and another a “black hole,” with one even suggesting that the only business that would thrive would be “a strip bar.”

McKittrick disagrees, saying that it wasn’t the location.

“All three owners are Normandy Park residents,” McKittrick said. “We’re all local, and we all believe that a local restaurant can work at this location. We’re just listening to our customers and making changes based on their feedback. We’ll re-open soon with the same great food, but with a different menu.”

McKittrick said that the remodeled restaurant will have a new name, but that they hadn’t yet decided on what that will be.

Despite the changes, the Cafe Mia website remains unchanged, with no mention of any closure or changes, as does their Facebook page.

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14 Responses to “Co-Owner Says Remodeled Cafe Mia Will Re-Open "Soon"”
  1. Sam says:

    What a waste! All that time, effort and materials to open it and now they are closing to redo it already? I hope they are going to try and reuse and repurpose some of the existing materials.

  2. Robert says:

    If they decide to open a "new" cafe mia, I hope they plan on paying their purveyors and vendors next time around or it will fail again. The "owners" have a great deal to learn about how to run an honest business. Not everyone in the community cares to see them in business again – unless perhaps they decide to pay the many outstanding bills that are due.

  3. Cafe_Mia says:


    Unfortunetly the original managers who came up with the concept that we trusted with our time, energy and more importantly our money to create something that would benefit the residents of Normandy Park left town when things didn't work out leaving us with little or no option but to close and re-brand. Your comment made it sound as if you received no money when in fact you have been paid all along with the exception of the last invoice you just recently submitted. Except for you ALL vendors have been PAID IN FULL and to obtain your remaining balance you should talk to the person who hired you since you seem to be closely related. We as owners and Normandy Park residents will not make the same mistakes twice. Todd McKittrick

  4. Robert says:

    Todd, I'm no vendor – but I know people who haven't been paid.

  5. Pauline says:

    I'll miss the cafe.

  6. Cafe_Mia says:

    Robert, anyone of the people that "you know" havent been paid please have them contact me. We have spent the last month after the original operators left making sure everyone has been paid and we are current with everyone.

  7. des moines resident says:

    Good luck… seemed like a good idea that just never quite got off the ground. It's within walking distance of my house…. which I really like! I would still love to have them serve coffee!

  8. Raven says:

    I loved the cafe Mia's baked goods, breads, and desserts. The few lunches I had there were very nice, and had plans to work my way thru the menu. I loved that they initially served breakfast, but soon after finding that out, it was discontinued except for weekends. I loved their lattes, but did not find that they made them until a few visits.

    Would love to see it re-open with the above mentioned improvements, as it is a great location for a place to meet, have coffee, a goodie, maybe lunch/dinner and leave with fresh baked goods….We really need a bakery in the Burien area. Visit Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle and open same in Normandy. Win Win situation……

  9. unclewoo says:

    Until Normandy Park residents realise retail along first ave is necessary and support it, and until town center stops asking the same rents as Bellevue Square, it will always be a dead zone. The city is bleeding money, and until they can figure out how to increase sales taxes, and blend retail with residential it will always be a black hole!

  10. Leah says:

    i bet more ppl would go to the 'dead zone' if dandy dog was still there.

  11. lisa says:

    I agree with Leah!!

  12. jake says:

    GOD I miss Dandy Dog!!!

    If any one knows where to get a burger like that PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!

  13. Their web page indicates it has been suspended due to non-payment.

  14. Buriengal says:

    If it’s ‘family friendly’ I hope that means a resonably priced childrens menu.

    As far as the development is concerned, I see the same problems with the new “town square”…all kinds of openings, and few owners/businesses. Too much “progress” too fast.

    Yes, too many things are ripped out (aka: Dandy Dog, and a good grocery store with that great affordable restaurant) to make things for the folk that have more $$$ to spend.

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