An Eyewitness Account Of A Friday Afternoon Cop Chase

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by Maggie Larrick

When I witnessed a sudden convergence of several cop cars, lights whirling and sirens blaring, on The Heights at Burien on Friday, May 8th, I immediately thought, “This is serious. Must be drugs, guns and gangs.”

Turns out I was spot-on about one and probably two out of my three guesses.

The incident occurred when I was driving north on Ambaum Boulevard S.W. around 3:45 p.m. Friday, May 8 and a cop car went barreling by me from the south. The car turned into The Heights at Burien apartment complex, followed within a few seconds by another cop car. Shortly after that, more cop cars converged from the north and east.

Of course, I had to check it out (old habits as a former newspaper reporter die hard) after I delivered my teenage passenger to her destination a few blocks away. Arriving back at The Heights, I counted about 7 cop cars, although it appeared some might have already left and deputies were returning on foot to their vehicles from different parts of the complex.

I approached the police officer with the most yellow stripes on his sleeve (stripes denote rank and the more stripes the higher the rank). King County Patrol Sergeant C.M. Beringer was good enough to talk with me, after verifying that I was who I said I was, and confirmed what had just transpired.

Beringer said that at around 3:43 p.m. 9-1-1 received a call from a man saying a group of “black males was at the door showing guns and threatening to kill him.” Then “they took off and we lost the line,” Beringer said.

When police deputies arrived, one of the suspects took off running. Witnesses saw him clutching his waistband as though he was carrying something in it and then chuck that same something as he ran. Police nabbed the suspect and, suspecting that the something the man jettisoned was a gun, were bringing in a police dog trained to sniff out firearms.

Another suspect headed a different direction. A deputy laid in wait for the man and, when confronted by the deputy, a gun slipped out of the suspect’s waistband.

While the man who made the 9-1-1 call was nowhere to be found, the cops did talk to the person whose phone was used for the call.

Beringer said police were looking for three more black males. While it wasn’t clear whether the incident was gang-related, Beringer indicated it was a serious possibility, given the tattoos on the suspects.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Maggie Larrick is Managing Director of Burien Little Theatre, as well as a former reporter and friend of The B-Town Blog. We invite all our Readers to contribute their stories, and ask that those interested email us.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to escape like some of the culprits in this story, we encourage you to click here and go see the Bill and Peggy Hunt’s Playwright’s Festival at BLT.}

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One Response to “An Eyewitness Account Of A Friday Afternoon Cop Chase”
  1. Mark Neuman says:

    Dang, Maggie, good work! A tip of the fedora to you.

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