BREAKING NEWS: Burien Nissan Is Now Officially Closed

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UPDATE 9/1/09: An email tip leads us to believe that Burien Nissan will be re-opening in mid-September – read the latest here.

Story by Janet Grella
Photos by Michael Brunk

UPDATE 8pm 5/12/09: According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, a company called MD Johnson is advising Burien Nissan’s owner, Rainier Automotive, on the sale of this as well as the Auburn Nissan dealership.

PREVIOUSLY: It’s official – Burien Nissan is now closed.

When we attempted to reach John Antonelli, Sales Manager, he actually hung up on us!

That’s right – rather than talk with us about what’s going on, he hung up the phone. The last time we spoke with Mr. Antonelli (March 30th), he claimed “It’s still business as usual. Should have some good news on financing in a few weeks…”

We then called the dealership’s number and received the following recorded message – listen closely as the woman’s voice cracks on the last sentence (“…and wish you all well.”):


“Thank you for calling Burien Nissan. At this time our dealership is closed. We have enjoyed being a part of your lives and a part of the Burien community. We appreciate your business over the years and wish you all well.”

According to, Burien Nissan employed 40 people and had estimated sales of $14.3 million in 2008.

Burien Nissan was part of the Rainier Automotive Group that included Auburn Nissan, along with Eastide Subaru and Eastside Hyandai, both in Kirkland.

At Auburn Nissan the phone rang so long it went to busy (they are closed for business also). At Eastside Subaru we were told that “parts and service are still open and we’re going through a change of ownership and should be open for sales in the next couple of weeks.”

At Eastside Hyandai we got only a voicemail box.

Here’s a photo slideshow of what Burien Nissan looks like now, shot Tuesday afternoon by Photographer Michael Brunk, who says that while he was there, a locksmith was changing the locks on the doors:

Click to View Slideshow

All the associated websites are still functioning, with no mention of any closings, as if it’s “business as usual,” when in reality, it’s not.

Previously, we broke the news that Burien Nissan lost its entire inventory when their “flooring” fell through and the financing company basically repossessed their entire car lot over a 24-hour period around March 13th.

No word yet on what will become of this business, nor of the large lot it sits on.


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19 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Burien Nissan Is Now Officially Closed”
  1. They're dropping like flies… and GM is expected to announce their closures this week. Hard to imagine what could go into these former dealerships in the short term besides something like airport parking.

  2. Keith says:

    Oh No, now where do I take my 1976 280z? I think I will try that Burien Auto Repair that you guys talked about. I think was there web site.

  3. James says:

    I have heard that the owners of these dealerships were not paying the manufacturers for the cars for whatever reason and that the cars were actually all repo'ed.

    Nissan itself paid for the Burien Nissan lot remodel, and I'm sure they'll get a new dealer in there as soon as they're able.

  4. Kathy says:

    sad comentary indeed. I really liked the remodel of the lot, as it really dressed up the corner. Lets hope it once again becomes a Nissan dealership.

  5. unclewoo says:

    Burien Chevrolet is next

  6. kyle minaglia says:

    Are they suggesting a place where loyal customers can continue to get our oil changed?

  7. There's a sign up at the vacant dealership saying to contact Nissan of Fife for service @ 253-896-0480

  8. unclewoo says:

    Burien is becoming a ghost town. Sales tax from auto sales was the biggest revenue generator the city had. When GM closes Burien chevrolet, the last one out turn off the lights. I'm going to walk up 154th, and then back down 152nd, and count the vacant shops. I'm guessing 40 closed up storefronts, not counting tattoo parlors,pawn shops, nail salons and taquerias. Then they want you to buy a $500,000 condo in the middle of the hood.

    • Bobby says:

      Burien Chevrolet is NOT closing. Burien Chevrolet is and will continue to be your family owned, community serving dealership. Any posts regarding our closing are inaccurate.

      • Leah says:

        that may be true.. but we went by burien chevrolet yesterday & even though the new camaro is out.. there was a few used cars up in the front & the graphic painted on the window advertising the camaro was garish… the vibe while driving by felt like a cliche tacky used car dealership. as one of the last dealerships still in burien i would think that you would want to stand tall & proud. i understand that there's always been used cars for sale there too (even when it was glen grant). but the number of used cars up front, out-numbered the new camaros. you could barely see them. all i really remember is a big old white van that looked like it fell out of the early 80's & the garish yellow CAMARO on the window. the lot looked out of sorts & the word on the front windows covers almost the whole window giving it the feeling like it's closed & boarded up.

        • Leah says:

          con'td from ^

          now, please don't mistake my critisisim for flat out bitch'ness. i don't mean it like that at all. what i mean here is this – i've lived in burien for the better part of my life & i support local buisness. i'm scared for burien with the recent demise of all the other dealerships…. & i'm worried for you too. & since you made such a point to say you're NOT closing, i figured you'd be the person to tell that your outward apperance does not match your inside confidence. there needs to be more thought about what you choose to display up front.

          …anyways, that's just my opinion.

    • Mark says:

      My business, Mark’s Expert Auto Service, Inc- at 156th and Ambaum is happy and thriving. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I know from personal experience the Burien Blog guys are amazing too- Mark Neuman is the greatest! Bart’s pretty cool too.

  9. unclewoo says:

    I hope your right Bobby. For service of your Nissan, I would recommend Marks Expert Auto Repair on Ambaum. Let's keep the few dollars we have left in Burien.

  10. bearserv says:

    I just drove by this today. Burien should turn them into indoor basketball courts or handball courts, etc. for the community. Or a YMCA. Seems there is enough good double height space.

  11. Why are all the lights blazing at the empty Nissan dealership?!? What a waste of energy!

    • Mark says:

      Also Buriens own sign ordnances say the signs have to go down after a business closes. Jim Bibby is on the payroll at city of Burien to make sure of such. Its been what- over a year since Nissan closed?

      • citizen says:

        Mr. Bibby also has the responsibilty to keep his mouth shut …..I filed a complaint and the peolpe that live there told me Mr. Bibby is their friend and informed them I was the one who filed the complaint ….I will be more careful in the future..

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