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PHOTOS: Scenes From Saturday’s Fox Creek Clean Up

On Saturday (May 16th), a dozen volunteers from Burien and Normandy Park descended into the sun-dappled depths of the Fox Creek ravine on the Burien/Normandy Park city boundary on a mission that didn’t involve spray painting graffiti!

Here are some pictures taken by Photographer Michael Brunk [1]::


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The Creek, which flows beneath the Sylvester Road bridge, tumbles down to join Miller Creek at the Southwest Suburban Sewer District plant.

Last October (see our coverage here [3]), volunteers removed a ton of trash from the bottom of the ravine along the creek, including many electronics that were leaching metal into the stream.  The task this last Saturday was to remove the remaining trash, which consisted of 500 pounds of electronics, broken furniture, and many bottles and cans that the thoughtless have thrown off the bridge over the years.

After dragging the litter out of the ravine between the pillars of the bridge, the volunteers also stripped English ivy from the base of trees in the ravine.  When ivy, an invasive plant, climbs into the canopy of a tree, it competes with and physically weakens the tree.  Girdling the ivy at the base of the trunk causes the plant to die, sparing the tree a premature death.  In two strenuous hours, the volunteers did their bit to improve the urban forest and stream of this part of Highline.

The project was organized through the Miller/Walker Creek stewardship program that is jointly funded by the cities of Burien, Normandy Park, and SeaTac; the Port of Seattle; and King County.

Special thanks for Dennis Clark, Miller/Walker Creek Basin Steward, for sending us the update!

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