New Burien Transit Center Opens Saturday May 30th

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Burien’s new Transit Center will open this coming Saturday, May 30th as part of King County Metro Transit seasonal service change.

Metro's new Burien Transit Center has six off-street bus bays for more convenient boarding.
Metro’s new Burien Transit Center has six off-street bus bays for more convenient boarding.

The $12.5 million Burien Transit Center features six bus bays for passenger boarding, including one dedicated to paratransit service. All of the boarding areas are now located off-street, enhancing safety for both transit customers and motorists in downtown Burien.

The transit center, located at 209 SW 148th Street (near where Rooty’s used to be), has covered waiting areas with benches and windscreens, as well as etched glass art on its awnings. The adjacent park-and-ride lot has parking for 340 vehicles and includes five charging stations for electric vehicles. The transit center has lighting and 24/7 monitored security. It is served by Metro routes 120, 121, 122, 123, 131, 132, 133, 134, 139, 140, 180, and Sound Transit Express Route 560.

Metro’s project team worked cooperatively with the City of Burien to integrate the transit center into the city’s downtown revitalization plans. The transit center is close to civic amenities, such as Burien Town Square – home of the new city hall, King County Library, and mixed-use retail and residential development.

In addition to the new transit center, Metro is also expanding operating hours in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel (DSTT), consolidating park-and-ride spaces in the Northgate area, and revising some bus routes and schedules to update service.

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17 Responses to “New Burien Transit Center Opens Saturday May 30th”
  1. Marlaina Lieberg says:

    Yes, but there will likely be no accessible pedestrian crossing signal for we who are blind to cross the street once we deboard all those busses! Burien has a couple and they apparently think that's all they need. They've been putting me off for years! I'll keep asking Traffic Engineering; the busline is my lifeline, why would Burien *not* install an audible pedestrian signal at its transit center? Will you ask with me? Marlaina Lieberg, with guide dog Agnes, Burien, WA

  2. Jim Branson says:

    Why does it cost $12 million to get on a bus?

  3. Wanker says:

    Great idea Burien! Lets put $12 Million into an area that the common people are afraid to go. Give it 2 days and it will be overrun by thugs, who will waste no time etching their grafitti into all the glass.

    Lets think of some better uses of the city's money. How about granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances in the projects, or maybe we should start giving out lobster at the food bank. Oooh! I know, lets give all the homeless people new blenders! They will love that.

    The fact of the matter is, many common working stiffs would love to take public transportation to work, and some do. But would you really want to get stuck at the BTC after dark by yourself, walking out to a parked car in a poorly lit lot?

    $12 million well spent

    • in response says:

      obviously you have some fear issues. you'll find your life gets richer when you abandon those issues. or, maybe you should just move to bellevue.

      the issue of 'riff-raff' doesn't lie in the 'riff-raff,' the problem resides in people who think they are better than everyone else.

  4. unclewoo says:

    thankfully, I am able bodied and have my sight. But many people in the highline area are not, and depend on the bus to get around and live a productive life. An audible pedestrian crosswalk should be a small thing to include in a $12 million dollar bus stop. Do the right thing Metro and Burien, for once in your miserable lives. A civic minded attorney should see if this is required by the ADA. And if not do it anyway because its the right thing to do.

  5. Maxine says:

    Marlaina, Can you be more precise and state which intersections near the Transit Center needs an audible signals? We really need to know that to be able to contact the Councilmembers.

    Wanker, the Transit Station is being paid for by money from King County, plus some Federal dollars, not money from the City of Burien's budget. It is not owned or operated by the City of Burien.

    • wanker says:

      Maxine-____You are correct, it is not the city of Burien's money, but my overall point is that it is taxpayer money. Considering that I dont live in the city of Burien, that just makes it worse though. I think accessible public transportation is of great value, but my concerns are

      • wanker says:

        :____1) Knowing the history of the BTC, why would they locate it in the same spot as the old one? They are revitalizing the downtown/ Olde Burien corridor (Quite nicely I might add) and all transit centers do is attract riff raff during the off peak times. Look at the murders, assults, and drug dealing at the FWTC. Or the car chase/ crash into the side of the Sushi restaraunt in downtown Des Moines last summer. As much fun as it was to see thugs thrown in the back of cop cars, the original location of them was the BTC, prior to the chase (Cops word at the scene). I am sure there is a location in Burien, closer to the freeway, and with more land for parking, and away from the nice area they are trying to create

        • wanker says:

          .____2) How much of the $12 Million was spent on non-essential items for the project? The last time I saw glass at a buss stop, it was already etched with grafitti. Why do we need to pay an artist to come and do it, when we know that in 3 weeks, it will be defaced, and be an eyesore. More than likely, the cost of etched glass could have covered multiple ADA improvements, and additional cross walks. I, as many others do too, like art in public works projects, but when you have a budget, and a recession there are some things you need to do without. I think functionality is much more important than astetics.

        • in response says:

          maybe you shouldn't be such and elitist. bus stops need good people too.

  6. wanker says:

    ____3) Saftey- this may have been improved, but it is not mentioned. What have they done to improve lighting? The article says "it has lighting" but so did the old transit center, albeit poor lighting. 24/7 Monitored security. What does that mean? Some kid in a room with a bunch of monitors, who isnt paying attention to them? When my wife takes the bus to and from work, and parks at the BTC, she will call me to come meet her if she has to work past dark. My wife is not the type of person to be easily intimidated, but if she doesnt feel safe to get off a bus and walk a hundred feet to her car by herself, there is an issue. ____Ultimately, I am all for public transportation improvements. I used to love it when I could bus to work, and read a book rather than stare at tailights. I just feel that there needs to be accountability to the taxpayers regarding reasonable spending. ____I apologize for misguiding my dissatisfaction towards Burien. ____Thanks for letting me vent____

  7. wanker says:

    Sorry- It got a little long, had to break up my response

    • Maxine says:

      wanker, I too share many of your concerns. Are you aware that there are also plans to build a parking garage with apartments on the top at the Transit Center? I think once we have people living there and in Town Square some of the vandalism and other problems we have seen at the old Park and Ride will not be happening so often. There will be people around 24 hours a day who consider it their neighborhood and who will, hopefully, call the police whenever they see anything amiss.

  8. in response says:

    if you don't live in burien, why are you complaining so much about this? normandy park?

  9. andrea says:

    Why so negative? I think it's a great thing for Burien. My family is trying to do our best to cut back on our carbon footprint, and only owning one car and relying on public transportation is something very important to us.

    Thank you, Burien, for giving us a beautiful Transit Center! We look forward to our bus waiting:)

  10. Wanker says:

    I dont think you realize my point. Look at any city, and the transit center is the center of crime and drug dealing (How many shootings and stabbings at the Fed Way transit center?). I agree that public transportation is a great thing, I used to love being able to take the bus when I worked in an area that was well served by public transportation.Why would you give an open invitation into a revitalized area of town for the illicit behavior.

    It does affect me, I live in Des Moines, if I want to take a bus, most likely I have to park, or ride to the BTC. It will be a beutiful transit center, but wait a week you wont feel safe their either.

  11. brooke says:

    please realize that there are two polarities at work here: 1] providing amenities to a redeveloping community and 2] safety.

    safety is so relative. you assume a risk no matter what you do. there is greater risk driving our car then walking down the street. just walking down the street [when is burien going to get more sidewalks west of ambaum?], then staying in your living room watching television.

    please be careful to realize, and state, these two polarities so you don't add to fear-mongering.

    while my family is new to burien, i think the demographic is quickly shifting to a younger demographic. we aren’t afraid to use public transportation. the transit center is good for a redeveloping community and for local burien business.

    burien has been a great neighborhood so far, and the new transit center only makes it more desirable!

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