REVIEW: Have You Been To This Area’s Off-Leash Dog Park?

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by Jim Branson

Have you been to this area’s’s off-leash dog park?

Grandview Park is Disneyland for Dogs, the happiest place on earth, according to my dogs.  My youngest will start yipping with joy as soon as we turn off of I-5 at the 200th Street exit.  Although this park is actually in Sea-Tac, it’s only ten minutes away from the middle of Burien, and it is supported, in part, by Burien tax dollars.

We have been going to this park ever since it opened in 2003.  It’s a great place to visit on a sunny spring day, but it’s even better, from a Labrador Retriever’s perspective, when we’ve had two inches of rain, or when it has a blanket of snow.  Actually, there’s never a bad time to visit the dog park.

With 37 acres to roam, you can spread out and find your own space, or you can congregate at the main play field to let your dogs socialize.  To the north of the main dog areas, you’ll find a healthy forest with native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.  The park is maintained, in part, by volunteers from SODA, Serve Our Dog Areas.

Currently, the grass is higher than a dog’s eye.  It’s kind of fun to play in, but one of my dogs came home with a tick, which must have been lurking in that tall grass, waiting for a tasty dog to trot by.  I’m sure they will be cutting the grass soon.  It’s hard to find a ball when it goes into that deep grass, and the mower will probably be spitting out shards of tennis balls on mowing day.

My youngest dog always finds a mud hole to wallow in, but you can keep your dogs clean if you steer them away from the low spots.  I have found that a muddy dog is a happy dog, and I can always give them baths when we get home.


  • Large open space with good gravel surfaces and plenty of grass.
  • Great view of Mt. Rainier, most days.
  • Friendly, happy dogs.
  • A nice trail through the forest to the north.
  • Bathrooms, bag dispensers, and drinking water.
  • It provides a place for Burien’s dogs to play off-leash, instead of our local parks, which aren’t designed for dogs to safely run off-leash.


  • DO NOT leave valuables in your car.  Many cars have been broken into.
  • Dog walking services sometimes come with dozens of dogs at a time, and they can’t always keep track of all the messes they should be cleaning up.
  • It’s not actually in Burien.
  • It is not 100% fenced, so people with dogs at risk of running off should choose a fully-fenced dog park, such as Westcrest, Genesee, or Magnuson.

Here’s a photo slideshow of my dogs in action at Grandview Park:

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Grandview Park is located in SeaTac:

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7 Responses to “REVIEW: Have You Been To This Area’s Off-Leash Dog Park?”
  1. Too bad Burien doesn't yet have ann accessable dog park. Would be a boon to the community.

  2. off leash dog walking walks walk parks hiking says:

    .., I love the way you present your blog.. it is not one sided.. though personally i love off leash dog parks,, 🙂

  3. Andrew Birklid says:

    Does anyone know the history (if any) on why Burien doesn’t yet have an off-leash area of their own? I am moving to the area in November and would be very interested in helping to facilitate something like this for the city.


    • dogged says:

      The history of Burien parks is that they are all used as off-leash parks all the time. It’s not ideal for people or for dogs, but you will not receive a fine for having your dog off-leash anywhere in Burien. The laws are never enforced.

      Quite often, people use the private beaches south of Seahurst Park as their own personal off-leash park. The tide washes away what they won’t pick up.

      Until leash laws are enforced in Burien, there will never be a perceived need for an off-leash area within the city limits. People from Seattle, where leash laws are enforced, bring their dogs to Seahurst Park to let them run free on the beach.

      I wish you luck in trying to persuade the City to create an off-leash area. In the past, the council and the City Manager have not been receptive to new ideas or to voices of Burien citizens in general. The only time they listen is if a large group of citizens bands together and demands something.

      • elizabeth2 says:

        I have to say that in all the time I have lived in Burien (20+ years), I have never noticed that the parks I visit “are all used as off-leash parks all the time”. Maybe a single dog once or twice, but that is it…..

        That does not mean that I would not like to see Burien with its own dog park, but I truly do not think that leash laws are openly and often flouted such that we should spend limited tax money to chase after a few loose dogs.

        Just curious – how do we know that it is the “people from Seattle” who bring their dogs?

        • dogged says:

          If you go to Lake Burien School Park or Seahurst Park at any time of day, any day of the week, and stay there half an hour, you will see at least one dog off-leash. Don’t take my word for it. Look for yourself. Also, at the tennis courts at Lake Burien School Park, there is someone in there with a dog off-leash more often than there are tennis players. There may not be a dozen dogs off-leash at once, but there is almost always one.

          I know people from Seattle bring their dogs to Seahurst to play off-leash because they have told me so.

          No tax money at all should be spent to enforce leash laws. An animal control officer could pay his own salary and equipment costs by just writing a few tickets a day. Most importantly, dogs would be safer if leash laws were enforced. (I don’t believe C.A.R.E.S. has the authority to do this, and the police probably can give fines for leash violations, but they just won’t.)

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      how big is your yard?

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