Area Residents File Class Action Lawsuit Over 3rd Runway

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Monday afternoon (June 15th) a class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of area residents who are upset with Sea-Tac Airport’s third runway against the Port of Seattle, claiming that noise and vibrations from aircraft are over and above what the Port has promised.

The class action lawsuit claims that as the runway was being developed and built, planning documents stated that it was to “only be used as an alternate runway to reduce delays in bad weather.”

Lawyers from the firm Pfau Cochrain Vertetis Kosnoff, PLLC contend that the port mislead residents to believe that the statement in the documents would be followed. However, since the runway’s opening, the plaintiffs claim that the port is now using the third runway for both departures and arrivals, bad weather or not, and at all hours of the day.

The third runway is currently being used more due to the re-construction of the first runway, which is supposed to last through the summer. Lawyers say that a statement on the Port of Seattle’s website claims that the FAA, which maintains control over all runways, will not restrict the use of the third runway.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for lowered property values and also to prohibit airplanes from using the third runway on weekends and between 10pm and 9am on weeknights.

The suit also intends to restrict planes from flying lower than 1,500 feet above the plaintiffs’ homes and only allow no more than one plane to fly over their neighborhoods per hour.


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7 Responses to “Area Residents File Class Action Lawsuit Over 3rd Runway”
  1. Jack Block Jr. says:

    Time for the Port to step up and pay real mitigation to the residents affected by the siting of a regional facility-the Third Runway. Let's hope compensation doesn't take 25 years like it did for the impacts of the Second Runway. Why is it the rich nimbys on Magnolia can convince the Port NOT to build a modern cargo handling facility at Pier 91 that MIGHT affect their precious view, but the neighbors of Sea-Tac Airport get NO consideration at all of the damage done to their quality of life? I'm tired of Burien and the South End being dumped on!

  2. come on says:

    What happened to the JET CITY? Aircraft and related industries helped build Seattle and all of the small towns. Burien is now in full tilt growth mode. It will cause some changes and noise. Grandpa's farm is gone and Starbucks has replaced it. I would much rather smell fresh coffee in the morning. And with the Airport comes the jobs that allow us to have Starbucks. If your neigbors make noise at night they are not expected to compensate you. The Airport was and is your neighbor, be nice!
    Scott where is the spell check button?

    • Luke Jetway says:

      To “come-on”…

      Well, Starbucks aside, you seem to wax rather heartless in your siding with those
      who do not seem to care about some glaring wrongs done to the “little people” of
      the fallout created from Fortress Sea-Tac. I myself have been affected by loved ones
      who died of mysterious cancers that can only be traced to noxious fumes.
      Maybe you should drink less coffee and eat more humble pie because you seem to
      put your dollar before human life.

  3. Tim Morris says:

    I would like to add that the 3rd flight path in my eyes is being way over used and abused. Sometimes 2 planes every thirty seconds! They’re all lined up in the sky ready to land. My home value is down and it’s interupting my sleep. sometimes there is a huge cargo plane that comes in early in the morningbetween2am-5am…it sounds like a bomb is being dropped!


  4. Theresa Hill says:

    I am in total agreement. I have been in the area for over six years and my quality of life could have been quite a bit better elsewhere.
    In case anyone is interested; there has been a study that showed that as we sleep, the sound from the airplanes taking off and landing is raising our blood pressure to make us more susceptable to heart desease and stroke.
    If you could give me any information on a class action suit or where and how I could get funding to move, that would be great.

  5. Valarie says:

    In response to the comment made by “come on” about noisy neighbors. At least you can call the authorities on them and hopefully have the police out there asking them to tone it down. Unfortunately the airport is here to stay unlike noisy neighbors (sometimes you’re lucky to have them move). My husband and I have been in the same house for the last 20 years and have never heard so much airplane noise until the third runway was completed. Now the planes land directly over our backyard and if we had binoculars we could count the number of rivets holding the pieces together. Our resale value for our home has gone way down while our blood pressures have gone up. We were lied to about how often the runway would be used. Last night we tried to watch a movie with (God forbid) a window open for cool air and had to shut the window because we couldn’t hear the movie, It got quite warm pretty quickly without that window open. I would like to know who decided on which houses to buy out and why they didn’t just buy out the whole valley years ago. I’d sell my house to the Port in a minute if I thought I would get fair market value. Backyard barbecues/parties are unfortunately a thing of the past and sorely missed in the summer. Planes landing make the most noise and having them land every 60-90 seconds is ridiculous. I also want to be part of the class-action lawsuit and since my neighborhood was just incorporated into Burien in April I am not sure who to contact about that. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  6. Kathie Larson says:

    I’m not the type to do this, but I know Darrell and Wendy, this can hurt us homeowners and businesses. I’m sure it’s an up hill battle and wish them the best and enjoy the new office! Thank you, Kathie

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