REVIEW: 5 Restaurants Will Make You Say “What The Phở?”

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by Gina Bourdage

Long has been the debate over Phở – who has the most authentic, largest variety, what do you do with the dish of stuff on the side and not to mention how the heck do you pronounce it correctly without sounding like a tourist?

Fear not faithful blog fans, I have come to rescue you from the overwhelming list of options, narrowed it down to the top five locations between Burien and White Center and can tell you it’s NOT pronounced “fo.”

With French and Chinese influences it is the Vietnamese whom perfected this dish. Pronounced “fuh”, this popular lunch dish can be eaten at any time of day and is commonly served as breakfast in the Vietnamese culture.

Varieties of ingredients vary depending on location, however most commonly you can find the brisket, meatball, tripe, tendon and tofu for the veggie eaters out there. One thing to keep in mind if you are a vegetarian, just because you ordered tofu does not make this an animal-free dish…the broth is meat-based so be sure to verify with the server if they have a vegetable broth as an option. Each bowl, no matter what protein you choose, will come with rice noodles, broth and onions, what you choose to add from the plate on the side is up to you.

Purists each have their own way and will debate authenticity, however I say add what you like ‘cuz it’s your lunch! I suggest going for a handful of bean sprouts, squeeze of lime, torn up Thai basil, a generous squeeze of Siricha (the red sauce with a rooster on the jar) and a splash of soy.

On the table at most places you can usually find Hoisin or fish sauce, an intense looking chille paste concoction, and jalapeños if you dare. I am personally a no more than 2-3 star kind of gal so how you turn up the fire is your call. Break up the noodles, stir in your additions and don’t be a wimp… eat this dish with chop sticks and a spoon!

If you’re not craving Phở by now, you need to wake up and get into one of my top five faves and see what the fuss is all about. In a very particular order from most consistent, most authentic, and best price I give you my Phở Five:

1. Phở: 9642 16th Ave SW, White Center 98106
2. Phở Tai: 148 SW 148th St # B100, Burien 98166
3. Phở Lily: 14611 1st Ave Burien, 98168
4. 88 Restaurant: 9418 Delridge Way SW, Seattle 98126
5. Phở Mỹ Lợi: 10439 16th Ave SW, White Center 98146

I tried each and every Phở place I could find in the area (some more than once) and these are the ones I know you will find a dish that tastes like you are visiting your long lost Vietnamese relatives not matter what culture you’re from.

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One Response to “REVIEW: 5 Restaurants Will Make You Say “What The Phở?””
  1. illipina says:

    my fav is ur #1 ive been going there for 12 years…

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