Pit Bull Used As A Weapon In Sunday Night SeaTac Attack Against Two Women

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This is "Snaps," the pit bull used as a weapon by four kids in SeaTac. Photo courtesy King County Animal Care and Control.

According to the King County Sheriff’s Department, two women were attacked Sunday night (June 21st) by four young persons using a pit bull as a weapon.

The oldest suspect was a 15 year-old girl. The youngest was 11.

The incident began Sunday evening around 6:30pm in the 13300 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive in SeaTac (map below).

A 63 year-old Seattle woman stopped her car when she saw four kids repeatedly kicking a pit bull dog. She thought the group might need some assistance. However the oldest in the group, a 15 year-old girl, told the women to mind her own business, then tried to pull the woman from her car.

The woman got out the car and was immediately attacked by the girl who repeatedly punched her on the head and back with closed fists. One of the boys in the group ran over with the dog who began biting her. Eventually the four ran off with the dog.

The victim had bruises from the hitting and puncture wounds from the dog to her hand and thigh.

All this was witnessed by a 41 year-old Seattle woman, who followed the group to nearby North SeaTac Park. When the 15 year-old figured out they were followed, she walked up to the woman and head-butted her, then threw punches to her head and body.

Next the dog joined the fray and became increasing violent as the rest of the group egged the dog on. The woman suffered serious bite injuries, including wounds to her head and face, as well as serious gashes and puncture wounds to both arms. Her left forearm was flayed open and the bone could be seen.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and found the four nearby, still with the dog. All were taken into custody without incident.

The 15 year-old girl was injured by the dog in the melee, and her foot was injured from repeatedly kicking one of the victims.

All four suspects were released to their parents, as the 15 year-old needed medical attention.

The suspects are 15, 13, 12, and 11 years old respectively. All are boys except for the 15 year-old.

Deputies turned the dog over to Animal Control.

Sheriff’s detectives will likely file felony assault charges against at least the 15 year-old.

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27 Responses to “Pit Bull Used As A Weapon In Sunday Night SeaTac Attack Against Two Women”
  1. Lindsey says:

    That is absolutely horrifying. What a bunch of little sociopaths. Why on earth were they released to their parents? They should be sitting in jail. That is completely unacceptable behavior. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.

  2. Jim Branson says:

    Um, okay…. You have a story about stupid people behaving dangerously–why do you show a picture of a snarling dog? The pit bull is obviously not the problem here. This is a story of criminally stupid people. They shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog in the first place. When you publish a picture of a snarling pit bull, obviously intended to trigger a fear response in people, you do a disservice to this kind, gentle, noble breed. Pit Bulls have enough problems without the media piling on. When you feed into the stereotype, you give fuel to the knee-jerk pit bull haters who want to ban the breed, and you also give fuel to the pit bull abusers, who think it’s cool to train a dog to be vicious. This dog will most likely pay with his life for the cruelty and stupidity of humans. Why make things worse?

    • Duke Jarbo says:

      I can’t believe that the only thing Jim took away from this is an opinion that the B Town Blog has some how gravely misrepresented an entire breed of canine because of a snarling picture.

      It strikes me as sad that these 4 kids could be tormenting this poor dog and then turn their blood lust on two completely innocent bystanders. One of which had actually stopped to help them. All to be turned into their parents and never to fully understand the kind of emotional terror they caused these two poor women.

      What makes me even sadder is that Jim is only unnerved by the “bum wrap” his beloved Bull Terrier breed got by a picture posted. Keep in mind that not a disparaging word was even mention about the dog or its breed in the article. Yet, he chalks everything up to ‘criminally stupid people’.

      Then to top it all off… it’s pathetic that the dog is going to be euthanized for something it had absolutely no choice in… all the while the kids involved will probably get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. With that being said the dog is probably the only one that could actually be taught to become a loving and caring creature again.

      Anyhow, that’s my two cents…

      • Jim Branson says:

        The misrepresentation of the pit bull was not the only thing I took away from the article.

        I don’t own a pit bull.

        As for my comment that the 4 kids are criminally stupid people, it sounds like you are agreeing with me, but I can’t really tell.

        • monkeywrench says:

          both of you are sadly mistaken if you think the dog in the picture above is snarling! he is anything but. the dog likely thought he was protecting his owners.

    • tannya and isaac says:

      thank you jim you are absolutly right.

  3. chuck lacrosse says:

    releasing these kids to their parents is like locking the fox in the chicken coop.these are obviously kids who have no moral guidelines, and lack of respect, and that could only be achieved by lack of parenting. I believe these kids should all be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and should be placed in custody immediately. due to there parents failure to raise these kids right, we now have yet another group of hooligans that both the police and the public have to deal with.rewarding them by releasing them to their parents is only going to ensure that this type of behavior will be seen again,and that each incident involving any of these kids will only get progressively worse.

  4. Jim Branson says:

    It has been reported that King County will kill the dog, Snaps, as expected. The only one who had no choice in the matter is the one that pays with his life. The two women trying to help the dog had a choice. The 15-year-old girl and the other kids certainly had a choice in this whole affair and in how they treated the dog prior to this incident. But the dog did not have a choice. It was not the dog’s decision to become agressive, and it was not an inborn, inevitable trait of the dog. The only way Snaps would attack someone is through improper training. Once again, our legal system, fueled by unbalanced media attention, punishes a dog for mistakes people made. Many of the dogs that Michael Vick trained to become vicious fighting dogs have now been placed in homes where they are sweet, gentle members of families, no more likely to bite than any other dog. A dog is what you train it to be. This dog will die because of the ignorant people who had him and because of ignorance in society in general.

    • janet says:

      I agree with Jim and others. Sounds like poor little Snaps was doomed from the beginning by running in the company of these kids. Really sounds like they were provoking him to do something to somebody before the woman showed up. Can King County Animal Control see if Snaps can be saved and rehabilitated prior to putting him down. Let’s start a movement here in Burien to save Snaps….save Snaps….save Snaps. And no, I have cats, so I can’t take him!

      • Lisa says:

        I can take Snaps. As long as he is tested for aggression (under normal circumstances, not getting beat) I will gladly take Snaps in.

  5. toddRiffic says:

    Rehabilitate the dog, then euthanize the little animals.

  6. Lisa says:

    I also wonder why the snarling pitbull image was chosen for this article.
    Too bad they couldn’t show the faces of the dangerous menaces so we could all be wary and know who to look out for!

    • Lisa (another one!) says:

      Yeah no kidding. I wish I could rescue Snaps. I am going to contact King Count HS tomorrow and see if they can consider any other options than killing him.

  7. Pamela says:

    I would REALLY like to know the name of this ‘girl’ and her mother. Where do they live? Do they own a home? The law suits should begin immediately!! The two victims should sue them for everything they own now or ever will won in the future. I’d like to ask the mother how exactly do you go about raising a child who turns out as badly as this monsterous person? What kind of demented home environment was this? Are there other children in the home? Have child protective services become involved? In the mean time, the parents and the girl should be muzzled and on a chain leash when they are out in public. They are the true ‘danerous animals’ after all.

  8. Pamela says:

    I meant to say ‘monstrous person’ & ‘dangerous animals’ but I think you get my drift!!

  9. Rob says:

    I too wonder why the pit bull was made the scapegoat, and not the little heathens who probably didn’t get enough love from their mommy. Until kids are made to pay for their criminal activities, instead of a poor animal they mistreated, they will probably become reoeat offenders. I say lock the kids in the kennel and rehabilitate snaps.

  10. Kim says:

    Dog lovers need to step up and save Snaps. It is not his fault and he should not be killed. He needs love and rehabilitation.

    • Lisa (another one!) says:

      I agree. I plan on contacting the CEO of the Seattle Humane Society via email and find out if we can’t try to get him rehabilitated and into a loving home. He looks so scared in that picture, it just is terrible knowing he was abused like that.

      • monkeywrench says:

        while i think it is sad that snaps has to be put down, he has been trained and shown the ability to attack humans. he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if he felt threatened.

  11. Jennifer O'Donnell says:


    Please sign this petition to help save Snaps. He deserves to live his life out in a sanctuary where he can know compassion and love for the first time.

  12. nikole says:

    First… that pic at the top of the page is not a snarling dog. He’s cowering..
    Second… If my kid EVER acted like that Id beat some sense in to them. ANd if they got arrested for beating up 2 women? Theyd stay in jail until court. Ya lets release the kids to their parents… they are obviously great at keeping tabs on their kids.
    And Monkeywrench… Id be very very careful who he was placed with but with frim gentle handler he canlearn to trust again and be placed ina forever home.

    • Jim Branson says:

      The original picture for this story was of a snarling pit bull, not Snaps, and it was tinged with red as if the dog had blood dripping from his teeth. Later, the editor changed the picture to a photo of Snaps, when a picture was made available by King County.

      • Yes, the Editor, in haste to post a story, used a stock photo he had on file of a pit bull snarling, because he thought the story was horrific. Later, after reading Jim’s Comment that the stock photo was sensationalistic, said Editor changed the photo to one of Snaps.

  13. CallMeRay says:

    I had a doberman sicked on me when I was a teenager. I had bruises and bite wounds to one leg, and required a tetanus shot.

    The bully who did this, and his dog, were never prosecuted. That was thirty years ago.

    Do I have a case?

    I was more interested in knocking the doberman senseless with my older brother’s skateboard, than in filing a police report.

    There was also a great deal a fear of retribution from a network of delinquents in my old neighborhood.

    What’s a thriteen year old or his intimidated family to do?

    Anyway, this Burien case is obviously much worse than I ever experienced.

    Dogs are sometimes man’s best friend and worst enemy. They seem to have too much in common.


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