EXCLUSIVE: “Dan The Sausageman” Space To Be Replaced By Bar/Movie Theater Called “The Tin Theater”

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In a B-Town Blog exclusive, we’ve just learned from longtime Burien business owner Dan House, proprietor of both The Tin Room Bar and Dan the Sausageman, that he’ll be building a brand new combination movie theater/bar at 923 SW 152nd, in the space where his retail business was located.

The new theater/bar, to be called The Tin Theater, will not only show movies in an intimate setting, it will allow 34 moviegoers to eat and drink at their seats, similar in concept to McMenamins, a combo theater/bar with numerous locations in Portland.

Here’s a scan of the plans, exclusive to The B-Town Blog (click on the image below to see a larger size):

Current plans for The Tin Theater seat 34 people, who will be allowed to eat and drink at their seats. Click on image to see larger size.

Below is a Q & A interview with Dan, who proudly became a father of a baby girl Monday July 6th, and he’s looking for name suggestions (see below):

Q: Why are you building “The Tin Theater”?

A: The same reason why we built the Tin Room, I think Burien needs it badly.

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

A: There is a bar owner in Portland that has done this for awhile and I always like the idea, they are the McMenamin bars, they have about five theaters.

Q: What kind of films will you be showing?

A: We will be showing all kinds of Movies, we may have James Bond week (Martini and a movie), Clint Eastwood week, etc. and I would like to have the Burien Film Festival, maybe have the Highline School District or local people enter short movies.

Q: What will you show as the the first film?

A: First movie I am leaning towards is The Wizard of Oz, for the Tin Man.

Dan House, right, pictured with Ernie Eder, former owner of the Hi-Line Tin Shop.

Q: What will make your theater different from others?

A: The Tin Theatre will be small and intimate, not a monster “get lost in the parking lot” multiplex. You will be able to eat and drink in our lounge-type setting. We are thinking the theater may be for rent so you can invite 45 of your favorite friends to view your best movie or see a screening of your wedding, vacation, graduation etc., or for sporting events, with this you will be able to have your own server/bartender.

Q: What will happen with the Dan the Sausageman shop?

A: In front of the Theater will be a new Dan the Sausageman/Tin Cellars focusing on our wines, sausages and cheese but it will also be the area to hang out and mingle with Chirlee (my mother) and wait for the movie to start.

We will be taking our internet business off site to make room for the Movie Theatre, and we are looking for a location in Burien with warehouse space that we can build our gift boxes from and ship out; we have been around for 21 years and have no plans of stopping.

We just had a baby girl today at 4:04, we need a name, got any ideas?

Please post your baby name ideas (or thoughts on The Tin Theater) in the Comments below and we’ll make sure Dan gets ’em (our suggestions: a name that can be shortened to “Tin” like Tindal, Tingley, Tinnea, Tinney, Tinsley, etc.).

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13 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: “Dan The Sausageman” Space To Be Replaced By Bar/Movie Theater Called “The Tin Theater””
  1. David M says:

    Wow! This sounds great — finally a place to catch a film in B-Town. Great possibilities and yeah — The Wizard Of Oz is a very logical choice for the opening film. My name suggestion is Tina if it’s a girl. For a boy, Austin. (Or Ozz-tin!)

  2. janet says:

    But of course….Dorothy (from the wizard of Oz). Great job on the theatre, Dan.

  3. bo says:

    Congrats on your baby girl! I suggest Tinzen…it’s a nice Tibetan name with lots of “zen” qualities…also plural for “tins”.

  4. Congrats Dan (and family) on the new baby and the new concept. Your creative thinking is inspiring. Name her Danika.

    Larry Snyder

  5. Nelle Bruce says:

    Baby Names:


  6. Napavine says:

    Congrats- Name her Brik.

  7. Cyndi Upthegrove says:

    What a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to come to the movies and even do a couple of fundraisers. We love the McMinnimans in Oregon and have watched several movies at The Kennedy School down there.
    Congratulations on the new daughter. I hope her middle name is Chirlee.

  8. Ann says:

    Nice – and VERY similar (and hopefully just as popular) as The Big Picture at 1st & Wall downtown. It’s not a new concept to the area, but it’s a GREAT idea for a new addition to Burien. You go, Dan!

  9. rebecca dare says:

    I have dreamt of this for years — and you’re doing it — thank you!!

  10. Ernie and Vera says:

    Dan, You are the Man……What an entrepreneur….We love you. Now, please start a raffle (“like throw your name in a jar”) and take a chance on Winning Two, front row seats at the first showing of the Tin Room Theatre……We desperately want to win!!!!!!!Oh yeah, Drinks and a Movie would be even better……We can hardly wait…..

    Welcome Ella….cannot wait to meet you…..

  11. brooke says:

    how about brooke?

    how can i get into contact with Dan House. I have a photo from winter for him.

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