Our First-Hand Account Of Being In The 4th Of July Parade

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by Scott Schaefer

Have you ever been in a parade? How about Burien’s Annual 4th of July Parade?

Well, we were lucky enough to be accepted (how that happened we still don’t know…), and we thought we’d share our first-hand, exclusive, eyewitness account, which was actually written during the parade as we were pulled on a flatbed trailer by BTB Advertiser Airport/Burien Towing.

Here it is, beginning with a first-hand point-of-view slideshow by yours truly:

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11:10am: Dropped the Blogmobile (our branded, racing green Mini Cooper) off at Airport/Burien Towing. Joe, our driver, let me drive the car up onto the flatbed trailer myself. It was cool because I wasn’t sure I had gotten the tires on the ramps correctly, but I just went for it ‘cuz Joe gave me the thumbs up.

2:20pm: Returned to Airport/Burien Towing to prepare the car for the parade. It was all ready for us on the flatbed truck, and Joe and his son even put our banners up. Joe’s son will be riding shotgun in the air-conditioned truck cab. We’re all now very jealous of them both as it’s very hot out.

2:30pm: Put table, chairs etc. on board our flatbed truck. It’s really hot, gotta be at least 85 degrees. Oh, and the flatbed truck is black metal. Eees already super sweaty niiiice.

2:45pm: By now, we’re all aboard and sitting at our card table or foldable lawn chairs. Laptops are fired up and hot, we’re all too hot already, and I can’t find an open wi-fi signal. So much for “blogging live” from the actual parade route.

3pm: The parade starts, but we don’t move. It feels like we’re trapped at a mini reviewing stand/oven as parade participants start streaming past us. Soon, we’re judging them all. Mayor Joan McGilton practices her wave to us. The gals from the Hi-Liners‘ “Thoroughly Modern Millie” do a cute dance routine right in front of us.

3:15pm: We’re finally drawn into the parade, behind an Asian Dragon Drum Corps and in front of the Burien Bearcats.

3:23pm: Seems like there are people watching this parade who actually know about us! Someone gave us a thumbs up. Others yell “way to go!” No booing. Yet.

3:28pm: I just noticed that the group in front of us is relentlessly banging their drums. Same beat. Over. And over. Again. Must be one heckuva dragon.

3:30pm: We turn the corner down SW 153rd Street after passing by BTB Advertiser Wag the Dog. Suddenly the crowds thin, then we realize that everyone’s probably watching from inside The Hobnobber.

3:34pm: We turn left on 2nd Ave SW. There’s a bump in the road. Then a slight hill. Everyone holds on a bit tighter now.

3:34pm: We finally enter some shade as we turn west on SW 152nd into the core of downtown Burien. unfortunately, we’ve all consumed whatever little water we brought with us.

3:38pm: A guy in the crowd shows off his brand new B-Town Blog t-shirt, which isn’t faded like ours. He turns down my offer to trade shirts.

3:43pm: As we enter Dealy Plaza, it’s a thrill to see the landmark Burien School Book Depository building. There’s some guy in a window on the 6th floor. I wave to him and—

3:49pm: The drum corps is now going totally nuts, banging everything really hard as if they’re doing their big finish. Our collective heads are starting to hurt.

4:05pm: We’ve passed by some of our wonderful Advertisers, including Wag the Dog, Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub (where I suddenly wish I was downing an ice cold pint) Moss Chiropractic (suddenly my neck hurts) the City of Burien, Burien Trophy and probably a few others that I’ve missed but will soon hear from…

4:06pm: An adult male with Boy Scouts Troop #377 waves to us. I then realize why I never joined the Boy Scouts. That uniform must be hot!

4:08pm: At the reviewing stand, we’re surprised at how small it is…just 3 people, and the Announcer’s announcement about us is totally drowned out by the incredibly loud drum and dragon corps in front of us.

4:09pm: We turn right on 8th Ave SW in front of the fire station where it appears the parade is ending. Wait, no it’s not, the drum crops is drumming again.

4:15pm: We’re back at Airport/Burien Towing, where we peel ourselves off our nearly-melted plastic chairs and come back to reality. The parade is over, and we all realize that our “float” kinda sucks. We vow to do something better next year.

Have any ideas for our “float” for the 2010 parade? Please Comment below…

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4 Responses to “Our First-Hand Account Of Being In The 4th Of July Parade”
  1. Eric says:


    Great to have you in the parade! I walked with Burien Little Theatre. We were passing out flyers about BLT’s new season http://www.burienlittletheatre.com/page2.html. Thanks for posting photos of us getting ready for the parade too http://www.b-townblog.com/2009/07/06/photos-burien-little-theatre-preps-for-4th-of-july-parade/.

    Being in the parade is great fun. I’ve done it for three years, and I really look forward to it. I love the feedback we get about BLT! The parade has such a great small town feel and the crowds are happy, and as you can guess I love the applause. Last year I walked the parade in high heels and fishnet stockings to promote “The Rocky Horror Show.” This year was not so hard on my feet. I got to be a surfer dude, with great hair, I must say. (As I lose my hair, it was fun to have a full head of hair again, even if was for just a day.) My feet were also very glad that none of the men in “Psycho Beach Party” wear high heals!

    Once again the parade organizers were fantastic. The sun was out and I had such a good time that I smiled all the way through the fireworks at Three Tree Point.

    Let’s all do it again next year. What do you say?

    Burien Little Theatre

  2. janet says:

    I was on the float. It didn’t “kinda suck”–it was creative, inventive and yes, my idea! We blogged our way ’round Burien. Good news for me (the elder member of the team) is that we didn’t have to walk, march or ride bikes. It was great fun and I look forward to Airport Towing ‘chaufering’ all of us Waterland bloggers and the Waterlandblogmobile (which looks curiously like the b-townblogmobile) in the Des Moines Waterland Parade on July 18, starting at 6PM. I’m anxious to see what our readers have in mind for us next year…….

  3. kathi says:

    I thought (hoped) you’d post pictures that YOU all took ! I wanted to see the parade from YOUR eyes!
    (Got any of THOSE pics?)

  4. Jared says:

    Thanks for celebrating July 4th with Burien Towing. Our crew enjoyed having you as guests on our flatbed truck. It was fun to change our routine. We’ve been displaying our trucks in local parades, such as the Seafair Torchlight & the Burien Independence Day Parade for years. 2009 was definitely one of the hottest on record. Yikes! On the bright side, the weather supplied a great turnout from the community ! After all, It could have been raining… like last year and the year before…

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