Welcome Our Latest Advertiser: Clue Plumbing!

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We’d like to extend a hearty, clog-free, gleaming copper pipe welcome to our latest Advertiser, entrepreneur Tim Elling and his company, Clue Plumbing.

Going into business was a lead pipe cinch for Tim.

“It’s been a goal of mine to have my own company since I started in plumbing over fifteen years ago,” he told us recently.

Tim got the bulk of his hands-on experience working for Merit Mechanical in Redmond.

“I was Head Service Plumber at Merit,” he said. “Merit services thirty-five percent of all commercial buildings between Everett and Olympia.”

Based in Burien, Tim, bonded and insured, is licensed to work wonders from Seattle to Tacoma.

Tim Elling is a person who does not brag and does not boast. Trying to get him to tell us how darn good he is is like prying a rusted forty year-old elbow joint from a pre-1980 galvanized…well, you get the picture.

He thought and said: “The other day a local insurance executive pointed out at a luncheon that several other plumbing firms had told him that he’d have to pay hundreds of dollars to fix a problem with his shower. He called me. I asked him some questions and told him over the phone how to easily resolve the problem on his own. Didn’t cost him a cent.”

His slogan is: “Have a plumbing problem and haven’t a clue? Here’s what Clue Plumbing can do for you.”

Tim will replace, repair and install drains, vents, hot water tanks, fixtures and faucets and a whole lot more. Residential and commercial.

He also does kitchen and bath remodels.

After nearly two decades in the business, Tim’s got a Clue. Plenty of Clue.

Try this: The next time you have a plumbing issue, hire Tim. His phone numbers are listed below.

When he’s there, freeing you from some broken pipe nightmare, quiz Tim by asking him to define the following randomly selected plumbing terms.

He’ll know the answers.

(And we did not go over this with him in advance. Really.)

Here are the plumbing terms:

  • Eccentric Shank
  • Piezo Switch
  • Backjet Pulse Canister
  • Water Hammer
  • Barlow’s Formula
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Down Head Boring Gimlet
  • Johnni-Bolts
  • “A” Valve
  • POS
  • Acceptance Factor
  • Priming Jet

Clue Plumbing:

  • Seattle/Burien area phone: 206-300-5183
  • Tacoma phone: 253-208-1687
  • email: [email protected]
  • Clue Plumbing license number: CLUEPP*923ZBP

Clue Plumbing “Get a Clue” plumbing term answers:

  • Eccentric Shank: A shank or the fitting with a shank in which the centerline is offset to allow minor compensation for supply lines that would be difficult to precisely position.
  • Piezo Switch: The electronic switch the bather uses to control the whirlpool and optional heater. This switch, based upon the piezo-electric effect, generates a voltage when pressure is applied to it.
  • Backjet Pulse Canister: A serviceable water-controlling device responsible for backjet pulsing action.
  • Water Hammer: A loud banging noise caused by the hydraulic shock of suddenly shutting off a water supply, where water moves against the side of containing pipe or vessel.
  • Barlow’s Formula: An equation which shows the relationship of internal pressure to allowable stress, nominal thickness and diameter.
  • Butterfly Valve: A valve made of a square, rectangular, or round disk attached to a shaft inside a body of the same shape. Rotating the shaft 90 degrees opens or closes the valve.
  • Down Head Boring Gimlet: A flexible cutting tip for an auger cable.
  • Johnni-Bolts: Closet bolts, used to mount toilet bowls to the closet flange.
  • “A” Valve: A manual gas shut-off valve.
  • POS: Porcelain on steel. A finish commonly used on sinks and tubs.
  • Acceptance Factor: Bladder tank drawdown expressed in percentage.
  • Priming Jet: Opening in bowl through which tank-supplied water flows, designed to propel waste up into the trapway.

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