Vandals Hit Olde Burien With Graffiti & Broken Trees

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Previously we reported on vandalism at the new Town Square, and before that at Seahurst Park Beach’s new picnic area, and now BTB Contributor Jim Branson sent us these photos of some recent vandalism in Olde Burien, including graffiti and broken tree limbs:

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What’s the deal B-Town peeps? Why are you being so destructive this summer?

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8 Responses to “Vandals Hit Olde Burien With Graffiti & Broken Trees”
  1. Peter says:

    It’s very sad to see this activity, but there will be more of this to come. The Burien/White Center area was touted as one of the last “affordable” places to live in King County. Unfortunately with that comes the last people you want living in your neighborhood!

    These low-lifes are entrenched here now. Hopefully Burien will take it seriously and crack down with better security technology.

    • candice. says:

      My husband and I bought a house here because it really is the last affordable place in the area. I hardly think that young professionals who intend to raise a family in this community are “the last people you want living in your neighborhood”.

  2. Q says:

    I wonder if any of the stores along 152nd have security camera which might have caught some of the tree-breaking activity. My 7year old daughter was very sad when we walked by and saw the damaged trees this afternoon, and has been asking me since why someone would do that, were they trying to make a gardener mad, or just make everyone mad, or what.

  3. jim knauff says:

    Those broken limbs remind me of the power of one. The need to destruct was surely based on someones pain and inability to do the next right thing. As to who did it, its not as important as our community understanding there’s alot of great things happening here.

    • Bob says:

      I can’t help responding to what JK writes.

      It IS important to know who is responsible for property destruction, be it public or private. And to hold them accountable, preferably PAYING for the extent of damages. As to community understanding, I’m willing to try understand after these thugs come forward and offer to make restitution. Please tell me, what is great about deliberate property destruction? If it were your own property that was the target, would you consider that a “great thing?” If so, feel free to post your address and invite them over and do great things.

  4. Patricia Smith says:

    So sad that parents just want their rotten kids out of the house and don’t care where they are or what they are doing. This must be the summer activity for the brats of Burien this year and they should be ashamed but unfortunately they have no good role models. The people who think the town Square is a waste of money should just leave Burien because the vandals are probably your kids. You don’t care so why should they RIGHT!!

  5. Rob says:

    Maybe time for a neighborhood watch.

  6. Jay says:

    This reminds me of the trees that were damaged at the community Center. New trees w/ broken limbs and they even took the time to peel the bark. There are lot and lots of cameras at the Community Center and did anything happen to the culprit(s)? Just the other week kids were throwing items into the art sculpture to fuel the flames higher and higher…right across from the police station. This is an “IN YOUR FACE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT” situation. Until they are caught and held accountable for their actions, they will continue to on this path. It will only escalate!

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